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Timeline of Projector

No description

May W

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Timeline of Projector

A Timeline of Projectors
New Projectors
Now... ...
Before "it" become projector... ...
The idea about Shadow and Images...
Movies & Projectors
Where is the "projector" comes from?
Movies & Projectors
Now, What do projectors do?
Those New Projectors
Projecteo: The tiny Instagram projector.
Around 140BC-87BC
A emperor in Han Dynasty use shadow play to miss his wife.
17th Century
Magic Lanterns
movie projector
CRT(Cathode Ray Tube)
LCD(Liquid Crystal Display)
Overhead projector
DLP(Digital Light Procession)
Frist Industrial Revolution - After WWII

New kind of Entertainment--Movie
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