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Expository Essays!

No description

Caitlin Wright

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of Expository Essays!

Expository Essays!
Different Kinds of Writing
We write for fun. We write letters, stories, jokes and to share information with our family and friends
Most school writing is either expository, persuasive or research and is very different.
Expository Writing
Purpose is to communicate ideas and answer questions
It should:
give information about a topic
explain ideas
give directions
show how to do something
Step 3
The introduction paragraph is the most important. You NEED to your reader in!
Include interesting hook
Preview of following paragraphs and topics in essay
thesis statement
Step 4
Restate Thesis (DON'T REPEAT IT!!)
Come to some sort of conclusion (sum up what you've just written about for 4 paragraphs!)
End with the "So What?" Explain to the reader why they care about what you just wrote about.
Always check back on the prompt and make sure you are answering it with your details
Step 1:
1. Read your prompt
2. Use key words in the prompt to answer it in one sentence. This is your thesis statement!
3. Pick THREE reasons why your thesis statement is true.
4. Pick THREE example which show why each reason is valid.
2nd Paragraph:
First big point from intro
need 3 examples and 3 details (stars and dash sentences)
3rd Paragraph:
Second big point from intro
need 3 examples and 3 details (stars and dash sentences)
4th Paragraph:
Third big point from intro
need 3 examples and 3 details (stars and dash sentences)
Explain the purpose of your group’s charitable organization, the difference the organization makes in the community, and the needs of the organization.
Use evidence from your research, professional communication with the organization, and your action experience.
Do not use the word "I" in your essay. Use third-person point of view only. This is an expository essay, not a narrative.
Reminders for MLA
Correct Heading and Header
Double Spaced, 11 point font, Times New Roman or Calibri, 1 inch margins
Create a Catchy Title: Expository Essay
Cite sources in paper as (Last Name, Page Number)
Create a Work Cited as the last page of your essay
Sablan 1

Maria Sablan

Ms. Brodhun

English 8 Period 2nd

25 March 2013
Expository Essay

Have you ever considered how many books we could’ve read if we didn’t

have social networking sites? Social networking sites are good for our society

because it can spread information faster than any other media. Even though

social networking sites make it easier for users to be cyber bullied, social

networking sites are good for the society because social networking sites offer a

way for musicians and artists to build audiences even if they don’t have

corporate contracts and law enforcement can use social networking sites to catch

and prosecute criminals.

MLA Essay Format
Step 2
Each paragraph MUST include
Topic Sentence
Three Examples
NO paragraph should be shorter than 8 sentences.
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