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All About Canadarm!

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Riyat Dhaliwal

on 22 March 2014

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Transcript of All About Canadarm!

But what did she actually mean?
When was it first discovered,invented,and/or developed
The Canadarm was first originated as a technical challenge issued by NASA in the early seventies for the new transportation in space,which we all know as the space shuttle.June 1969,designs of various space shuttles were presented to several countries.Including Canada.During that event,DSMA a small group of Canadians,attracted NASA's attention,with a robot developed to load fuel from a nuclear reactor.Together with spar,CEA Electron.and IRC.They drafted a proposal for a remote manipulator,which can deploy,and retrieve system hardware,from the payload bay of the orbiter.NASA was interested,but money was scarce for such a high risk program.
With support of Jeanne Sauvé, then eventually Minister of State for Science and Technology, the project was finally launched , in 1974, Canada agreed to build the first Shuttle Remote Manipulator System. Spar, CAE and DSMA Atcon formed the industrial team, with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) to oversee the project. It would be Canada's contribution to NASA's shuttle project.

What is it significance to space exploration?
The Canadarm is significant to space in many different ways. It is significant to space exploration because, it is a robotic extension that allows astronauts to move objects about the cargo bay from within the living quarters without the extra risks of a spacewalk. So without the Canadarm we wouldn't have been able to move objects or astronauts in space. So know you know why its one of Canada's most significant contributions to the space industry.
The first Canadarm , which is also known as The Shuttle Remote Manipulator System (SRMS) is a Canadian invention and is the most famous Canadian robotic and technological achievement! It was first launched with the Space Shuttle Columbia.
The robotic arm is controlled by astronauts and it basically deployed, captured and repaired satellites, maintained equipment, positioned/move astronauts, and moved cargo.
Then, the Canadarm was retired in July 2011 because of problems such as the heat shield damage it caused to Columbia. So finally, the Canadarm 2 was invented which is larger,smarter, has better performance and overall is better then the first Canadarm !
Hello 6C! Welcome to your journey where we will walk you through everything you need to know about ...The Canadarm! By the end of this presentation (journey) , you will know everything ( we hope!) you need to know about the Canadarm! So we hope you enjoy this presentation! Lets begin!
To begin with, this is a picture of the Canadarm!
What is its future in space exploration?
Types of Candarm's
Notice how the Canadarm is shaped like an arm? Well, that's where it got its name from.
What is the Canadarm?
Interesting Facts!
How does the Canadarm help make life on Earth easier?
And Now its.............
Quiz Time!
1. What year was Canadarm 1 retired?
2. Name at least 3 of the missions the Canadarm was used on!
3.Name atleast 3 of the requirements for materials,and characteristics before constructing the Canadarm.If you can name all 9 characteristics,you'll get double the prize.
4.Who spoke the quote before the first launch of the original Candarm?
5. When was the Canadarm invented? What year and month?
6. How many times has the Canadarm been used?
As you know there are two types of Canadarm's; Canadarm, and Canadarm2. Canadarm is a robotic arm that allows astronauts to move objects about the cargo bay from within the living quarters without the extra risks of a spacewalk. The Canadarm2 is a ''smarter'' version of the Canadarm. For starters, it is a 17 meter long robotic arm that assembled the ISS while in space. It is mostly used to move or carry supplies, equipment, and even astronauts. As well as supporting the station's maintenance and upkeep, it is responsible for performing cosmic catches. Which is the capturing and docking of unpiloted spacecrafts carry everything from science payloads to necessities for the 6-person crew on board the International Space Station.
Here are some interesting facts about the Canadarm. Its real name is the Shuttle Remote Manipulator System (SRMS), but we all know it as the Canadarm, and it's Canada's most significant contribution to the space program. While it may seem a minor contribution to some, it is a crucial, subtle, and beautiful piece of engineering. Over the course of more than 50 missions and after nearly 7,000 orbits around the earth it has never—not once—malfunctioned. The "arm in space" is one of Canada's greatest engineering achievements. It has been used over forty times since being declared operations in 1982. It has been used on some of the missions such as , STS-2, STS-41C, STS-41G, STS-51L, and STS-61.
Spar was appointed the role of design and development .NASA had stringent demand for weight,dexterity,manual and automatic operations,versatility,precision of movement,safety and reliability.The Canadarm needed the latest in aerospace materials,like titanium,stainless steal,and graphite epoxy.
The Canadarm has been used over 50 times. The Canadarm was first used on mission STS-2 in 1981, on board Columbia. Its arms have been installed on the other four space shuttles (Canadarm1). It was first flown on aboard Challenger during STS-7 in 1983, and then on Discovery during STS-41D, which was discovery's first flight. It was used on Atlantis first during STS-61B . Canadarm was next used on Endeavor during STS-49. Since the installation of the Canadarm2 on the International Space Station, the two arms have been used to hand over segments of the station for assembly from the Canadarm to the Canadarm2.
The Canadarm is just like a real arm.Nerves made of copper wiring,bones of graphite fiber,and electric motors for muscles.It even has rotating joints!Two at the shoulder,one at the elbow,and three at the wrists.Fifteen meters long,and less than 480 kilograms,the Canadarm could lift 30,000 kilograms.Its brain is a computer,who which guides the astronaut,while also operating it's arm.It can be operated manually,or automatically.
Canadarm 1 and 2!
Canadarm 1

it is installed on each shuttle , then returned to earth!
2 cameras
its Arm's Reach is limited
Canadarm 2!

installed on ISS permanently and stays in space!
4 colour cameras
its arm reach can reach far distances and travel the entire length of ISS
Julie Payette said the following just before the Canadarm was first launched:

"And this will be used with the remote manipulator system, the robotic arm, to move crew members around when they have to perform a space walk. It will be used to put big pieces together during the assembly phases, but also to do all kinds of maintenance work: carrying equipment, carrying the orbital removal unit and things that we can change out and then move across the Space Station. It will also be used with its camera to do some inspection and survey. So it's an essential part of the construction and assembly of the International Space Station."
This is the Canadarm!
This is the Canadarm2!
The Canadarm is a remotely-controlled manipulator arm attached to the Space Shuttle. The crew use it to pick up whatever they have in the Shuttle's payload bay and move it to where it's needed. After the Shuttle Columbia disaster, Canada arm has been outfitted with a camera to be used on every flight to check the Shuttle's thermal protection tiles for any damage. The Canadarm has made traveling space easier,but not only that,it has guaranteed safety in space.

You will learn more in detail later on in this
presentation, but lets just get some quick facts on the similarities and differences!
or astronaut
Hopefully,you enjoyed this informative presentation.We hope we taught you the important events,idea,the process,and the result of the Canadarm 1,and 2,and how they had a great impact on Canada and its astronauts.Space is surely one of the most interesting science related topics to discover.There is no doubt,that the Canadarm is one of the most informative,and entertaining sub-topics,to research about.With different quotes while in launch,and all the different characteristics of the Canadarm.We surely had fun researching,but now its time to test your knowledge and understanding.
Are Robotic
Getting Bored? Here's a Fun Fact to wake you up !
The Remote Manipulator System got its nick name of "Canadarm" because it is a canadian invention....AND an arm! So
they combined it together and got.....
Canadarm!Get it? Canada"arm"? Very smart
This is the end of
our presentation!

The Canadarm2 is currently still there ! But Canada is planning ahead on the Next-Generation Canadarm! It will be bigger/larger with more features and it will be better then the Canadarm2 and will continue going on new expeditions! We are looking forward for them sharing new news in the future about this!

The Next-Generation Canadarm (NGC) facility provides a suite of robotic systems with the capability to support both low-Earth orbit and deep space missions, from repairing communication satellites to assisting human exploration missions to the Moon, asteroids and beyond. (Credit: Canadian Space Agency)
This information is from: http://www.asc-csa.gc.ca/eng/canadarm/ngc.asp!
Credits to them!
Thank you for watching and listening to our presentation!
Bonus Question!

What is the Canadarm's Real Name?
A special test room was created for testing,allowing it to flex its joints.Not only that,but a simulation was built for astronauts,providing training for them,while being able to use the arm.It was somewhat like a video game.
The Investment
$180 million dollars were invested by The Government of Canada,in designing,building,and testing the first Canadarm flight hardware,given to NASA for the orbiter Columbia. Can you believe it? 180 MILLION DOLLARS were invested for building the Canadarm
*If you get the bonus question right you get double the prize*

All About the Canadarm!
By: Ashley, Shreya and Riyat
We're awesome!
Space Shuttle Columbia Disaster
The space shuttle disaster occurred on February, 1st, 2003, when Columbia disintegrated over Texas and Louisiana as it re-entered Earth's atmosphere, killing all seven crew members. What happened that day was that a large piece of foam fell off from the space shuttles external tank, and fatally breached the space craft wing.
Here is a picture from the disaster
Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster
The space shuttle Challenger was one of NASA's greatest achievements. It was the second space shuttle to reach space! But, Challenger was also one of NASA's darkest tragedy's. On the day of January, 28th, 1986, it was Challengers 10th launch. What really happened was that it exploded after 73 seconds after the liftoff. It killed ALL the crew members; Sharon Christa McAuliffe, Gregory Jarvis, Judith A. Resnik, Francis R Scobee, Ronald E. McNair, Mike J. Smith, and Ellison S. Onizuka. Did you know that 5 canadarms were built and delivered to NASA in April 1981, January 1983, December 1983, March 1985, and August 1993. One arm was lost in the Challenger accident in 1986.

Here is a closeup of the Disaster
Here is the crew!
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