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Benjamin Franklin

No description

Madison Waitt

on 25 January 2014

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Transcript of Benjamin Franklin

The Declaration of Indepence
Who is Benjamin Franklin?
Family Members
Benjamin Franklin had five older sisters whose names were Elizabeth, Hannah, Anne, Mary, and Sarah. He also had two younger sisters named Lydia and Jane. Franklin had five older brothers as well. Their names are Samuel, Josiah, John, Peter, and James. His mother's name was Abiah Folger and his father's name was Josiah Franklin.
After Signing the Declaration of Indepence
Benjamin became very involved with the birth of our nation. He attempted to make everyone's lives in the city a much better place. Franklin helped set up the postal system in Philadelphia by becoming a Postmaster. In order to make Philadelphia a safer environment, he created the Union Fire Company in 1736. He even organized a Night Watch to keep the community safer.
Benjamin flying his new
invention, the kite.
Benjamin Franklin

Franklin had many different jobs during his lifetime: Printer, Publisher, and a Scientist.
Political Involvment
Elected into town council of Philadelphia
Appointed a justic of the peace
Elected to Pennsylvania assembly
Appointed as deputy postmaster general of North America
He was born in Boston on January 17, 1706. Franklin was the tenth son of Josiah Franklin and Abiah Folger. As a young boy, Benjamin loved to read and compose and sell pamplets that he made with his brother, James. Later in life, he became one of the founding fathers of America. Franklin was well-known for inventing the flying kite, lightning rod, and furnace stove. Benjamin was a combination of a scientist, statesman, and a great leader.
Benjamin Franklin
(The Inventor)
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We Hope You
Family Decendents of
Benjamin Franklin
Franklin's daughter,Sarah Franklin Bache,
had seven children. Franklin also had an
illegitimate son, William, who also had an
illegitimate son. That son had an illegitimate
son as well, and after this is where the
male line ended. If you watch the TV
show HEROES, the actor who plays Claire's
father, Noah Bennet, is a direct descendant
of Ben Franklin. His name is Jack Coleman
and he's a descendant of Franklin's
grandson Benjamin Franklin Bache.
By: Madison Waitt, Karla Ceja, and Kintwon Pettiford
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