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What is Schoology?

No description

Nicholas Fahey

on 16 January 2015

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Transcript of What is Schoology?

Schoology is a learning management system.
The definition of a learning management system (LMS) is:
a software application for the administration, documentation, reporting and delivery of e-learning education courses or training programs.
Schoology is a safe and secure central hub where all course materials can be found 24/7, grades and assignments can be accessed, and communication between students, parents, and teachers flourishes.
What is Schoology?
Intuitive Facebook like Interface
Safe and Secure
All posts are monitored and need approval before they can be posted
Easy central access to all course materials
The Homepage
Drop Down Course Access
Courses can be accessed via a drop down menu.
Customizable Profiles
5 different ways to organize classes
A Learning Management System for the 21st Century
Updates and Notifications
Course Materials
Other LMS's:
I have researched several other LMS's such as Jupiter, Haiku, Moodle, Canvas, and Blackboard. I found Schoology to be the most user friendly, feature packed, and inexpensive.
Course can only be joined with a special code
Potential for home Schoolers and other schools to create joint courses
The Updater
The Updater approach is where you designate the Updates feed as the course landing page. In other words, Updates are the first thing anyone sees every time they navigate to your course. This puts emphasis on communication and works well in classes where plans change often or where students need to be consistently informed of the day-to-day plans.
The Chronos Plan
This approach refers to courses where the materials are organized in chronological order. The folders are labeled by week, month, quarter, etc. and help to organize the flow of the course for you and your students. Schoology also enables you to easily Publish/Unpublish individual materials or even Hide/Show entire folders (using the Availability function) so your students know exactly where to go every time.
Block by Block
Some educators prefer to segment their courses by block or unit rather than chronology. If you would eventually like to move to a chronological model, this is a great first step to get a feel for the timing of your lessons. It can also help students conceptualize their lessons individually and in the bigger picture.
The Multi-Subject Approach
Probably most applicable for educators at the elementary level, the multi-subject approach organizes everything by subject. Organizing your course in this fashion can streamline the navigation for your students and provide you an easy way to practice different instructional methods and track how your students respond.

For instance, the mathematics folder may contain more frequent assessments where as science contains more discussions and group-projects.
Pace Yourself
Our last example of how you might set up your courses is the self-paced model using a tool we like to call, Student Completion. Using this tool, you can designate in what order you want your students to learn new concepts or start projects, select the criteria of completion, and even track your students' progress.
1) Left Side Navigation—Allows you to access your personal calendar, messages, apps, and the like.
2) Central Column—This column shows the page you are viewing based on the left side navigation. You'll always start on the Recent Activity Feed, a condensed feed of posts that relate to you, your courses, and your groups. It enables you to post updates, announcements, and polls with files and links attached.
3) Reminders—This area can help keep you quickly informed of student homework submissions, ungraded items, etc.
4) Upcoming Feed—All your assignments, due dates, and calendar events are organized in chronological order.
In the Create Folder window:
a) Enter a title for the folder.
b) Choose a folder color (optional) – this is useful for adding another level of visual organization to your course.
c) Enter a description (optional). The description displays on the course profile below the folder name.
d)Use the rich text editor at the top of the description field to:
Apply bold, italic, or underline.
Add a bullet or number list.
Select text color.
Apply strikethrough, superscript, or subscript.
Change the indent and alignment of selected text.
Insert attachments such as images or links.
Spellcheck the description.
e) Add a start date if you'd like the folder to display in the course calendar.
Add an end date to remove the folder from the course calendar after the end date passes.
f) Set the availability of the folder:
Visible to students.
Hidden from students.
Available after the start date.
Available during the selected date range.
Click Create to complete.
Attach printable files or print assignment as is
Embed multi-media resources
Easily Align Common Core Standards
Choose a grading category
Crate rubrics based on the Common Core
Individually assign
Great for differentiated instruction
You can create online Tests/Quizzes for students to take on Schoology. Currently, this feature supports the following question types:

1. True/False

2. Multiple Choice

3. Ordering

4. Short-Answer/Essay Questions

5. Fill in the Blank

6. Matching

Each test/quiz appears in the Gradebook and is automatically graded unless there are subjective questions (e.g. Short- Answer/Essay Questions). You can manually override these grades, add comments, and customize a wide array of settings for each test/quiz.
Digital Tests Can Contain Multimedia Elements. Similar to those in the Smarter balanced test
Media Albums
Updates appear at top of course page
Notifications sync to tablets and smart phones
Can see the grade of an assignment the instant it is graded
Basic Gradebook Screen
Grade Reports
Clicking an assignment will bring you right to it.
A paper icon means you ha submitted your assignment
An Asterisk means the assignment has not yet been graded
Clicking the square icon will bring up the grading rubric.
Grading Rubrics and Standards Alignment
All assignments and materials can be aligned to the Common Core and State Standards.
Bulk Edit Assignments
Grade Setup
Online Portfolios (Spring 2015)
Will help in the development of personalized learning paths and flexible pathways to graduation.
Schoology is consistently improving it's interface and has historically provided several improvements to their platform every 6 months or so.
They are planning better annotation tools with which to edit and grade written assignments as well as the ability to edit pdf's directly within the program without third part support.
The Schoology of the Future
Support on All Tablets and Smart-Phones
Schoology can be accessed on all Android and IOS devices.
Grading Groups
Secure Messaging
Instant Notification of Received Message
Parent Portal
Instant access to all course material, grades, communication.
Window into your child's school day
Full 3rd party Support
Complete Google Docs integration
Office 365 (Spring 2015)
Many more!
Schoology Enterprise
Super Bonus
Resource Sharing
Resource Database
Teachers all over the world can share material and ideas
All of the features previously mentioned are completely free. Here is what the paid version of Schoology has to offer:
Web Hosting
Customizable School Web Page
Aggregated Calender
Workload Planning
Student Mastery Reporting
Keep the "stamfordelementary.com"
Schoology will adapt to our needs
School wide holidays and events automatically displayed
Make sure students never have too much homework again
Turns standard aligned rubrics into hard data.
Can be the foundation of Proficiency based Learning.
Our current "proficiency based" report cards are not supported by real data.
Schoology Enterprise allows for a true data driven system in which differentiation can flourish.
The mastery learning process can be fully implemented using a system like Schoology.
According to Vermont Education Act 77 and the Education Quality Standards set forth by the State Board of Education, all Vermont schools need to be moving toward a system wherein proficiency based grading is implemented and Personal Learning Plans are created for all students (7th-12 grade by 2017)
Schoology is a tool that can help us reach this goal.
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