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Eboo Vericain

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Skeleton

Jon Montgomery
Here are some outstanding athletes who have excelled in this sport in previous Olympics they are...
I chose this olympic sport because when I first read the piece of paper, I got inspired by the name. I also chose this project because I thought it would be interesting to learn about. This is a sport that I was unfamiliar about. I think its because I hardly watch Winter Olympics.
The sport originated in three places: Canada, USA, and Switzerland. It began by people using toboggans in Alpine countries in the 19 century.
Some people say that the sport is called skeleton men because the sled looked like a skeleton. Others say that the word "Skele" comes from Norwegian word "Kjaelke"
Why is it called "Skeleton" men?
How long has the sport existed?
Skeleton men has been a sport since 1905. It became an Winter Olympic sport in 2002.

Skeleton Men
How and where did the sport begin?
I chose this person because he represents our country. Also I found out that apparently he was the best skeleton man athlete in the world.
Jon represents our country (Canada) and was raised in Russell, Manitoba. He was born on May 6, 1979.
Here is some of the equipment that athletes usually wear. The main equipment competitors have to were is...
: They're made of leather worn for protection.
: All competitors must wear helmets, which are hard plastic.
Racing suit
: A racing suit is made of elastic fabric tight-fitting bodysuit.
: Skeleton shoes have spikes on the soles for grip during the start push and are made of artificial material.
The competition will take place in Sanki Sliding Center in Sochi for the skeleton man race. Here is the schedule for the skeleton men race.

14 February:

Men's Heat 1
Men's Heat 2

15 February:
Men's Heat 3
Men's Heat 4
They were inspired by the aboriginal sled for transport. Now a days the sport is being played the most in Canada.
1: Jon Montgomery
2: Martin Dukurs
3: Alex Tretyakov
He won the gold medal on 17 February 2010 Winter Olympics. Jon also won two silvers and a bronze medal on 2008 in Altenberg for the World Championships.
History of Montgomery
Jon Montgomery is 37 years old and his middle name is Riley. Montgomery started skeleton racing when he lived in Calgary where he worked as an auctioneer not far from the Canada Olympic Park in Calgary.
Thank you for your time!
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