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ADL 705- Leadership Think Tank: Empowerment

Leadership Think Tank overview of Hickman's Ch. 14 Empowerment

Charnita Shipp

on 17 February 2012

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Transcript of ADL 705- Leadership Think Tank: Empowerment

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ADL 705- Leadership Think Tank
CH. 14 Empowerment
Charnita Shipp
Empowering Leaders

Are hierarchically superior leader given some of the authority and decision-making latitude in his/her purview to one or more followers.

Once empowered the follower can engage in decision making within the expanded boundaries without the need to check back with the leader for permission to act.
How do you know you've been

The belief in the prospect of significant impact on the work or organization

Advantages of sharing power

ability to speed up certain processes by allowing decisions to be made
commitment to the organization

Why a leader may not empower others?

Self-enhancement bias
Not everyone wants to be empowered
Not everyone has the desire to do more

Mutual Trust and Respect Must be Established
The Leadership Behaviours of Teachers in Primary Schools in Turkey

The study was conducted in order to determine the leadership behaviors of teachers in primary schools.
The study:

20 school principals and 60 teachers
from three cities in Turkey

Literature reviews, interviews (7 principals and 11 teachers conducted a face to face interview) and questionnaires were used.

Data was collected, coded and analyzed
School Administration:

The school administration claimed that there were no obstacles in the school, and that the teachers are free to develop themselves, organize projects and attend organized projects.

The school administration states the reason for not demonstrating leadership behaviors at the school is created by the teachers themseleves.

Administration said that the problem it closely related to the teacher's education, professional development, willingness to above and beyond in their profession.
The results of the study

Based on the findings the school teachers are not being empowered by the school administration to better themselves within the organization.

Why is the blame game being played? Why doesn't someone do something about this? Where is the empowering leader from the standpoint of the administration?
Feel Empowered Activity....

Directions: follow my directions..

Stand next to someone you do not know and listen...

The teachers were found to have leadership behaviors and roles such as determining the goals in their classrooms, encouraging voluntary study and task, developing trust and vision within their classrooms and determination all on an "intermediate" level.

The teachers feel that are high quality teachers and have the willingness to get training and develop themselves on a higher level.

A common theme noted was that the teachers stated that they have an interest in developing themselves, learning innovations and recieving postgraduate education, yet they are not provided with adequate opportunities.
Hi section 805
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