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ISSW 2013 Flowcapt

Présentation le 8 octobre 2013 au colloque international "neige et avalanches" de Grenoble. Auteurs : Gaëlle Bourgeois (Conseil Général de la Savoie), Alain Duclos et Stéphane Caffo (ALEA Sarl). Expérience très positive d'utilisation opérationnelle.

Alain Duclos

on 23 June 2017

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Transcript of ISSW 2013 Flowcapt

Double measurements of snow depth:
Innovation for better management of avalanche risk in real time on the roads of Savoy (France)
Gaëlle Bourgeois, Conseil Général de la Savoie
Alain Duclos & Stéphane Caffo, ALEA Sarl
Goal : help make decisions about
avalanche control,
road closures, etc.
Measurements :
In addition to water equivalent measurements etc.
Observing wind effect AND avalanche activity
Double snow height measurements allow us to :

Anticipate more accurately the avalanches that could happen,
observe the occurrence of some real avalanches,
visualize and appreciate spatial variability,
... and thus understand the unpredictable part of prediction!
new hard wind slab
buried weak layer
Two stations on the same site
Main station exposed to wind effect
several sensors :
wind speed and direction,
air temperature
snow height
Second station rather protected from dominant wind
single sensor : snow height
Burial of the single sensor
rather protected from the wind
Bonneval sur Arc
The main station sometimes shows
no snow at all
The single sensor for snow height measurement
is located on cables above a potential starting zone
14 automatic stations to measure water equivalent amount at valley level (EDF - DTG)
anemometer off (icing)
anemometer off (icing)
1: snow transport
2: snow fall without snow transport
3: snow transport
snow erosion
snow accumulation
artificial release OK
Observed and detected avalanches during winter 2012-2013
Val d'Isère
Les Arcs
3 Vallées
Val Thorens
La Giettaz
La Davie
Bonneval sur Arc
Pralognan la Vanoise
Thanks for your attention!
www.isaw.ch - www.data-avalanche.org
Automatic warning
Temporary closures
Seasonal closure
Avalanche control
Control by helicopter
North aspect
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