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IKEA - Pet

No description


on 9 September 2010

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Transcript of IKEA - Pet

Positioning Positioning statement: To pet owners who love practical and innovative ideas, IKEA PET is a pet product provider that allows you to change your home as your wish. 1. Simple and Functional products Furniture in IKEA can save a lot of spaces
--> its smart design effectively use up every inch of the room Our dog house... Transform into a sofa or a desk
for relxation and work
save place 2. reasonable pricing targets at low to middle income class
5. 4pS product product objectives To provide a comfortable home for customers
and their pets while making good use of every
space Product background pet market
designed one type of product, dog house,
to test the market
too risky to sell a wide range of products
at the beginning Product Characteristics 1. Simple design
2. Eco-friendly production
3. Flexibility in usage IKEA Presented by:
Alfred Ng
Austin Tse
Cherry Tsoi
Kit Wong
Ricky Tsang
Stephanie Tsui
Tyson Szeto
Jaqueline Wong Agenda 1. Situational Analysis
2. Marketing Objectives
3. Market Segmentation & Targeting
4. Differentiation & Positioning
5. 4Ps
6. Q & A 1. Situational Analysis (a) History IKEA started business in Hong Kong in 1975
3 IKEA stores in Hong Kong
simple and functional furniture
(b) Market Anaylsis Hong Kong --> Limited Space
Furniture -Focus on :
1. Reasonable Price
2. Functional
3. Stylish
(c) Product Review 1. low prices
2. good design and function
3. wide variety (d) Competitor Analysis Two categories:
1. Other companies that sell a wide variety of
furniture like Pricerite.
2. Small companies that sell limited types of
furniture. (e) Anaylsis Strengths 1. Reputable brand name in Hong Kong
2. Well developed organization with its
own logistic department
3. Reasonable Price
1. difficult to narrate the professional image
2. Only 3 outlets
--> Affect the exposure of brand
--> Not convenient to customers Weaknesses W 1. Apartments are small in size
--> Customers want some products
which can be folded or hided
easily 2. Being environmentally friendly is a new trend
--> Can sell some reused or recycled accessories
and furniture 3. IKEA can target on yuppies
-->Young people with high income who are
willing to spend on fashionable things Opportunities
Threats 1. Increasing number of innovative furniture provider
such as G.O.D. S O T 2. Marketing Objectives 1. To expand the furniture business into the pet market
2. To increase the market share and to diversify risk
3. To expand the profit by 20% 3. Market Segmentation & Targeting Psychographic segmentation 1. Life style - own pets/ do not own pets
2. Social class - different income groups
Market Segmentation Targeting focus on pet market
people who keep pets
--> from low to middle-income group
--> willing and able to spend money on their pets pricing Competitors’ strategies and pricing The market price of a normal dog house
is ranging from $500 to $2000
Profit margin is relatively high

provide products with affordable price
not to charge a high price
Company's Objective Market penetration should be used capture the middle to lower income
level customers

Place Using direct distribution channel only Reasons: 1. so many kinds of furniture available in the outlet
2. one-way route
3. good customer service and a fast delivery service Introduction stage... Create a pet furniture section in the existing outletsIt
Reasons: 1. not many products in this product line
2. market testing stage
risky to open a new branch to sell pet products. After Introduction stage... Open a branch that only sells pet products
Promotion 1. Advertising Slogan: “A place more than home”
Through newspaper and magazines, television and the Internet
Popular websites such as Yahoo.com, Google.com, Facebook 2. Sales Promotion 3. Public Relations Introduction stage word of mouth
Growing stage coupons & discount

1. Launching a website showing the latest multi-purpose pet products
2. Sponsoring large functions such as different pet exhibitions
4. Personal Selling personal presentation by the sales force
hire personals to introduce the dog house to the customers 6. Q&A Session 4. Differentiation and Positioning Differentiation 1.Product differentiation Different from other furnishing shops
Simple and flexible
Attract people who love simple style 2. Service differentiation IKEA provides extra after sales services
For example, free delivery and customer service training. 3. Image differentiation IKEA gives customers a young and creative image
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