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Optic Atrophy

No description

Ryan Whitman

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Optic Atrophy

Optic Atrophy
what is optic atrophy? optic atrophy can occur when the optic nerves don't develop all the way. it can also be caused by inflamation of the optic nerve or glaucoma when the pressure inside the eye remains to high. but the most common way for optic atrophy to occur is an unknown or proven cause. symptoms
blurred vision
abnormal side or color vision
poor construction of the pupil in light
decreased brightness in one eye relative to the other

unfortunately, there is no proven treatment for optic atrophy. o. a. is diagnosed by an opthalmologst with a tool called an opthalmoscope. he looks at the optic disc, the point in the back of the eye where the optic nerves enter the eye, and if it is a pale color, you have optic atrophy. the gene for optic atrophy is located on the long arm of chromosome 3 between point 28 and point 29.
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