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Siberian White tiger

No description

Terrence Gambin

on 14 June 2010

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Transcript of Siberian White tiger

Double click anywhere & add an idea Siberian White Tiger Siberian White Tigers are nothing more than normal Siberian tigers, but a general subspecies of tigers. The Siberian White Tiger can mainly be found in coniferous, scrub oak and birch woodlands of eastern Russia, Northeastern china and northern North Korea. The Siberian White Tiger can survive harsh winter weather, due to there enormous fur coats. There white fur accounts for protection used as camouflage in the white snow. The white tiger is a carniverous beast, that feeds on cattle such as, Buffalo, wild pigs, birds, and elk The White Tiger is born from two siberian tigers, that mate in the winter months and go throughh 3-5 months of gestation. There mother can produce 1-5 cubs per liter.
Panthera Tigris Altaica The Siberian White tiger is the largest and most rare of the Feline family. Siberian Tigers that carry the recessive Allele gene can pass on the white fur coloring. There are many differnt species of Tigers, these are the ones that are closly related to the Siberian white tiger. Amur, Benegal, IndoChinnese, Malayan, South China, Sumatran, Tiger The Amur Tiger The Amur Tiger lives in Siberia and can reproduce to create the White Tiger. The Bengal Tiger The Bengal Tiger is the anorther key part in producing the White Tiger. Panthera Tigris Panthera Tigris The White tiger is endangered because it is poached for its precious white fur. The White tiger has a broad niche because it can eat anything it can catch, The White tiger can adapt to any enviroment. I dont think that anything would happen to animals if the white tiger went extinct. Related Species Mating and Reproduction passes on traits to the spawn every time the siberian white tiger reproctuces. The white allele gene in the tigers DNA causes two siberian tigers to produce, the sibrian white tiger. It would take 200 hundred years for 100 generations The siberian white tiger would have changed alot over the 100 gerations. The chances of mating with anorther siberian tiger that carrys the allele recessive gene. Mating different species of tigers that can carries the recessive gene that mates with a siberian tiger can increase the structure of the Siberian white tigers jaw increasing the size and power/strenght ofthe tigers over all biting Strengh.
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