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Annual Staff Training

Hoffman Estates Park District

Hoffman Estates Park District

on 8 February 2018

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Transcript of Annual Staff Training

School Personnel
What is Harassment?
Prohibits Harassment
Reporting Procedure
If you experience or witness harassment or discrimination of any kind, you should deal with the incident as directly and firmly as possible by clearly communicating your position to the offending person, your immediate supervisor, your department head, or the Executive Director. You should also document each incident. It is not necessary that the harassment be directed at you to make a complaint.
The Park District strongly urges the reporting of all incidents of discrimination, harassment or retaliation, regardless of the offender’s identity or position. Early reporting and intervention have proven to be the most effective method of resolving actual or perceived incidents of harassment or discrimination. Therefore, while no fixed reporting period has been established, the Park District strongly urges the prompt reporting of complaints or concerns so that rapid and constructive action can be taken.
sexual, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, age disability
Unwarranted and unwanted verbal or non-verbal conduct which threatens, intimidates, annoys or insults another person...creating an offensive, intimidating, degrading and/or hostile work environment and/or adversely affects a person’s performance.
Reporting procedure (see Personnel Policy Manual)
Responsibility of
Any supervisor who becomes aware of any possible sexual or other harassment or discrimination of or by any employee should immediately advise the Executive Director who will investigate the conduct and resolve the matter as soon as possible.
Harassment Procedure
Any reported
allegations of harassment, discrimination or retaliation will be investigated promptly.
Harassment Procedure
Responsive Action
The Park District will
determine what constitutes harassment, discrimination or retaliation based on a review of the facts and circumstances of each situation. Responsive action may include disciplinary action,
up to and including
Given the possibility of serious consequences for an individual accused of harassment, complaints made in bad faith or otherwise false and frivolous charges, are considered severe misconduct and may result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal.
Drug & Alcohol-Free
Mandated Reporter
Who is a Mandated Reporter?
are 7 groups of mandated reporters:
You are a Mandated Reporter.
Abuse can be physical, sexual or neglect.
In Illinois the rules for investigating and responding to abuse and neglect are spelled out in the Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act of 1975.
Social Services
Law Enforcement
Medical Examiner Coroner Personnel
Child Care
Clergy Members
teacher, principal, counselor,
school nurse, psychologist
medical social worker, ER personnel,
physician, nurse, dentist
social workers, domestic violence,
substance abuse, state services
employees of the court, parole/probation
officer, ER services, police
day care, preschool or
nursery facilities, foster parents,
recreational program personnel
Conditions that must be present to investigate
Victim must be under the age of 18.
Alleged perpetrator must be:
step parent,
paramour of the natural parent,
foster parent,
immediate family member
any person living in the home of the child
a person who came to know the child through an official capacity or position of trust
a person who is responsible for the welfare of the child (babysitter, day care facility)
Communicable Disease
Bloodborne Pathogens
Use Universal Precautions
Emergency Codes
Know your role BEFORE an emergency occurs!
Your supervisor will cover facility/program specific emergency plans.
Make sure you are familiar and comfortable with these.
Injury Prevention Program
Lifting the Load
• stand close with a shoulder widthstance • squat by bending your knees and hips
• pull the load closeand grip it
• tighten your stomach
• lift your head
• rise up with yourlegs.
The Park District wants to assist you in being successful in your job, but your continued employment is contingent upon acceptable conduct and satisfactory job performance.
ID badge
Responsibility of
Your first line of command is your Immediate Supervisor.
Front Line Staff
Supervisor Staff
Crisis Communication
A crisis is any event that attracts keen public or media interest.

Staff who discover a situation that may be a potential crisis that would concern the public or media, must contact their supervisor who will then contact the head of the crisis team immediately.

The head of the crisis team will decide whether to implement
the crisis communication plan or simply to monitor
and handle the situation carefully.
Contact the head of the crisis team immediately.
1. Administer first aid/CPR if trained
2. Contact local police and EMS
3. Minimize further loss (if property related)
4. Contact supervisor and provide details
5. Notify employees at the site that an emergency exists
6. Inform PDRMA
7. Fill out incident/accident report
8. Cooperate with local emergency service and police
9. Continue to compile accurate information
10. Do not talk to media
A crisis is any event that attracts keen public or media interest. Staff who discover a situation that may be a potential crisis that would concern the public or media, must contact their supervisor who will then contact the head of the crisis team immediately. The head of the crisis team will decide whether to implement the crisis communication plan or simply to monitor and handle the situation carefully.
( See procedure 3.001 –Procedure for Crisis Communication )
Chain of Responsibility
• Executive Director - Spokesperson & Head of Crisis Team
• Deputy Director/Director of Finance & Administration
• Director of Recreation & Facilities
• Director of Parks Services
• Director of Planning & Development
• Communications & Marketing Superintendent
Incident/Accident Report
PDRMA Reports
Form 01: Accident/Incident Report
Form 02: Vehicle Accident Report
Form 03: Property Loss Report
Form 04: Employee Injury
(completed by the employee’s supervisor)
• A patron is injured
• Vandalism occurs
• Property damage occurs
• Anytime police, fire or paramedics are called
• Other unusual situations
All forms and instructions can be found on the HE Parks shared file under PDRMA Reports, or on PDRMA’s website: pdrma.org
Guidelines for staff regarding Media
When an incident/accident occurs, no matter how insignificant it may seem, it is of the utmost importance never to admit guilt or negligence of any kind until there is a formal investigation and the causes of the incident are determined. Do not speculate on the cause of an incident. Any questions relating to an accident must be directed to your supervisor or other agency spokes person.
The Hoffman Estates Park District
has the responsibility to ensure that the safety
of all employees and patrons is provided
to the highest level.
For the entire Emergency Operations Plan for your facility see Shared Drive under Manuals.
Despite all efforts, the potential for an unforeseen emergency will always exist. Through proper training, preparation and emergency pre-planning; resultant harm,property damage and injury can be minimized.
Prompt Reporting:
prompt reporting improves PDRMA’s ability to successfully handle claims. The quicker a claim is reported, the less it costs.
The following forms are available with the HR Manager:
Make a Report
1. Checklist for Mandated Reporters
2. Allegations System
3. Written Confirmation of Suspected Child Abuse/Neglect Report
4. Acknowledgment of Mandated Reporter Status
Did you observe evidence that some damage was done to the child? (physical, sexual, or neglect)

What communication has the child provided?

If the explanation comes from someone other than the child, how credible and or complete is the information?

Since the signs of sexual abuse can be uncertain, if a child tells you he/she is being abused by a caretaker or person responsible for the child’s welfare, report it.

Have there been past incidents which, in retrospect, may have been suspicious?
Job Specific Responsibilities
General Employment Practices
Payroll Information
Personal Cell Phones/Pager
Hours Worked
Use of District Equipment
Use of District Facility
Workplace Inspection
No Smoking Policy
Hoffman Estates Community Bank Debit Card
No Fighting
No Gambling
High Risk Equipment
1. Crisis team head contacts crisis team members
2. Crisis team head contacts Board
3. Crisis team meets to share information and confirm facts
4. Interview staff involved
5. Review the “fast facts” pertinent to this particular crisis
6. Designate the following
someone to monitor the radio and television
someone to clip newspapers
someone to verify the facts obtained thus far
7. Take immediate, corrective measures
8. Draft a response statement indicate
concern for public welfare
sympathy for victims
statement of corrective actions
9. Inform clerical team (including office staff of their duties)
10. Draft a statement and/or press release and distribute to media
11. Schedule a press conference (if necessary)
12. Spokesperson addresses the media
Crisis Spokesperson
• Reveal only the verified facts
• Do not reveal names of victims
• Do not assign blame
• Do not speculate
• If you do not know an answer, say so, and then find the answer
The safety of our patrons and employees is very important to the
FMLA-Family &
Americans with
The Hoffman Estates Park District complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which prohibits discrimination in the provision of programs, services, or activities to individuals with disabilities. We invite any residents (with registration) or staff with a special need to contact our staff or supervisor so that a smooth inclusion may occur. If you have any questions about Park District policy regarding ADA, or believe you have been unfairly discriminated against in the provision of programs, services, or activities, of the Hoffman Estates Park District, please contact our compliance officer, Gary Buczkowski at 847-310-3606. For the deaf or hearing impaired, please call the Illinois Relay Center Voice-only operator at 800-526-0857
Posters for all employee mandatory Federal and State Labor Laws may be viewed at every facility.
Employee Labor Laws
All healthcare providers, health organizations, and government health plans that use, store, maintain, or transmit patient health care information are required to comply with the privacy regulations of the HIPAA law.
• Gives patients control over their
health information
• Sets boundaries on the use and
release of health information
• Establishes appropriate safeguards
to protect privacy of health information
• Holds violators accountable, with civil
and criminal penalties.
Driving Standards
Any employee that operates a District vehicle in the course of their job duties needs a drivers abstract from the state. A driving record will be done annually. Also, the employee will schedule an appointment with the Parks department to perform a road check prior to using any Park vehicle.
Please take time to review the safety training information that pertains to the facility in which you are working.
View Paychecks Online
Employee “At Will”
You are employed with HE Parks “at will” and nothing contained in this material is intended to provide or guarantee your employment for any specified period of time; rather, this material is simply intended to describe the District and its present policies and procedures. As an at-will employee, you retain the right to terminate your employment at any time, without notice or reason, and the Park District retains the same right. In addition, no representative of HE Parks has the authority to enter into any employment agreement for any specific period of time or to make any binding or representation or agreement, whether oral or written, contrary to the foregoing.
All employees are covered by WC.
It’s a type of insurance that pays the medical expenses when an employee is injured on the job.
Know where MSDS sheets are kept
Read labels and review MSDS prior to using a substance you are not familiar with
If you are not sure how to handle, store, or use a substance ask don’t assume
If a label or MSDS says PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT make sure to use them.
Don’t mix with water or other substances without identifying reactivity characteristics first
In the event of a spill or leak - contain and clean
Store substances in their designated areas
Don’t smoke or eat near hazardous substances
Wash hands
General First Aid:
Contact skin or eyes-flush area
Inhaled-move to fresh air
Swallowed-call Poison Control Center (800-942-5969)
Right to Know
All safety training can be viewed on shared drive
under Manuals in the Safety Manual.
All required federal and state posters are posted at all facilities.
'MSDS information is available at all facilities.

It is your right as an employee to know about the types of hazardous materials you may come into contact within your job.
Your supervisor will provide you with additional information specific to your position.
Make sure any chemicals/products you are using are properly labeled. If you don’t know what is in a container-DON’T USE IT!
MSDS Sheets are kept in a binder at all facilities; these sheets contain information about the potentially hazardous materials you may come into contact with while performing your job duties.
Annual Staff Training
Park District Risk Management Agency P.D.R.M.A.
You have completed your safety training!
complies with all federal, state and local safety and health regulations
to provide a safe work environment.

All employees must comply with these regulations.
You must be cautious and follow safety guidelines when performing your job.
Personal protective equipment (PPE) will be provided to you if your position requires it.
Let's Get Started!
to personal safety and wellness through injury prevention programs.

to participate in – and support–injury prevention efforts.
workplace hazards immediately;
take steps to prevent injury.
Prevent or control the risk of injury by
working together to eliminate the root
causes of injuries.
your job safely at all times.

Encourage others to work safely.

Follow agency injury prevention
policy and procedures.
with peers through feedback and positive reinforcement.

Help others identify risks in their work habits and how they can fix them.
Reports should be written and completed either by the HE Parks staff, volunteer, or officer involved.

Should be written in ink and include: description, time, name of person reporting, what efforts have been made to locate the lost item.

A review of the incident will be conducted by appropriate parties.

Staff will consider legal issues as related to the American with Disabilities Act. Future program participation will be based on the safety of all involved.

No person making the report should discuss the coverage with the person involved.

Discipline shall be according to Policy Manual,
Use of Parks, Chapter 9-c-24 Revocation of Privileges.
Wear disposable gloves before touching any bodily fluids.
Wash hands immediately after contact with bodily fluids.
Diseases that can be passed through the community via common contact.
(Chicken Pox, Mumps,Measles, and Strep Throat)
Use CPR micro shield or Seal-Easy when performing rescue breathing or CPR.
Clean soiled surfaces with a mixture of one part bleach to 10 parts water.
Employees must use universal precautions to protect themselves and others when dealing with any bodily fluids or communicable diseases.
Bloodborne Pathogens are diseases that can be passed
on through blood and blood products
(hepatitis and Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV))
for drug/alcohol use while on the job or on Park District property
Reasonable Suspicion
Supervisor has reason to believe employee has alcohol or controlled substance in their system, supervisor contacts another supervisor to observe employee.
If in agreement the employee is driven to testing facility for alcohol or controlled substance.
Procedure #1.068
Drug and Alcohol Test
With reasonable cause, the Park District can demand that you submit to a drug and/or alcohol test
Testing Procedures
(see Personnel Policy Manual)
Back Injuries
Back Dangers
heavy lifting
twisting at the waist while lifting
lifting/carrying objects that are odd shapes
working in awkward, uncomfortable positions
sitting or standing too long in one position
slipping on a wet floor or ice
Many back injuries cannot be attributed to a single causal factor. They tend to be the result of cumulative damage suffered over a period of time.
Use Lifting Plan
• size up the load:
- weight
- shape and size
• clear the path:
- objects
- tight doorways or corners
• unloading zone
Lifting the Load
• stand close with shoulder width stance
• squat, bending knees and hips
• pull the load close and grip it
• tighten your stomach
• lift your head
• rise up with your legs
Carrying the Load
• make sure you can see
• take small, stable steps
• do not twist
Proper Unloading
• squat down with the load
• be careful of fingers
• squat down next to the bag
• grab it at opposite corners
• lift it up to your thigh or waist
• stand up
• put the load on your shoulder
use proper lifting procedures:
body management:
Back Posture
maintain the back’s natural curves
changing posture and stretching
adaptive posture
physical conditioning
avoid excess weight
Conditioning your Back
• stretch first
• slow down
• rest your back
• sleep on a firm mattress
• get in shape
• don’t be lazy
• think long term
• don’t try to lift too much
• consider your back in all things
• maintain back posture and conditioning
• always think about your back
Back Exercises
Your Back
leg lifts
Overhead Loads
• shoulders level with the load
• slide the load close
• use your legs
Lifting Bags
It is the legal responsibility for any person to report suspected child abuse or neglect.
There must be a specific incident of abuse or neglect or a specific set of circumstances involving suspected abuse or neglect

There must be either demonstrated harm or substantial risk of physical or sexual injury to the child.
Guidelines for calling.
Back Safety
Use Lifting Equipment
forklifts, powered carts, electric pallet jacks, hand trucks, carts, pallet jacks, cranes, hoists, conveyors
Use Team Lifting
• designate a person to lead the lift
• lift at the same time
• keep the load level
• unload slowly together
avoid lifting and bending
Used when:
Statement of Admission:
do not admit liability or make statements such as “We will take care of everything”
General Liability:
“who is going to pay my bills” remember PDRMA does not carry medical coverage for patrons
Prompt Investigation:
deal with immediate crisis, photograph the scene, secure witnesses, accumulate documentation
Workers Compensation:
benefits are designed by the State of Illinois Industrial Commission
Crisis Team (see Safety Manual on Shared Drive)
Universal Precautions:
Your Rights
Disabilities Act
Medical Leave Act
• Employees are eligible if they have
worked for their employer for at least
one year, and for 1,250 hours over the
previous 12 months

• The FMLA permits employees to take
leave on an intermittent basis or to work
a reduced schedule under certain

• Contact HR Manager for further
information or forms.
Law & Regulations
HIPAA or the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act was signed into law by President Clinton in 1996.
uniform (if required)
clean and professional
covered or minimum appearance
customer friendly
first impressions count
be courteous and helpful
View your paycheck on this secured site:
full name in capital letters (JOHN Q. SMITH)
with a period after your middle name, space between first, middle & last name

social security number and e-mail address

create a log-in name (6-12) characters

a password, (6-12 characters with 1 numeric).
Search Employee Services Portal (ESP)
More information or help visit HEPD shared drive, the file is called Employee Services Portal, or your supervisor will print a copy for you.
Disciplinary Action
Grievance Procedure
Worker’s Compensation
Only covers injuries that occur while
performing job-related duties.
Immediately notify your supervisor when you are injured while on the job.
Supervisor must fill-out an electronic report or
PDRMA Form 04 to report the injury
When conduct or performance problems do not improve, or when employees continue to violate workplace policies, or procedures, disciplinary action will occur.

Disciplinary action is often progressive moving from verbal warnings, to a final warning, or termination.

The Park District reserves the right to accelerate or compound disciplinary action, based on the circumstances of the situation.
If you have a grievance discuss the matter with your Immediate Supervisor.
Resolution of grievances is strongly encouraged at this level.

If your grievance is not resolved by your Immediate Supervisor, you may submit your grievance in writing to your Division Director
within 5 working days after receipt of your Immediate Supervisor’s written response. Your Division Director will investigate the matter and respond to you in writing within 5 working days following his receipt of your written grievance regarding the disposition of your grievance and stating the reasons for such disposition

If your grievance is not resolved by your Division Director, your grievance may be submitted in writing to the Director,
within 5 working days after receipt of the Division Director’s written response. The Director will investigate the matter and respond in writing within 5 working days following his receipt of your written grievance regarding his disposition of the matter and stating the reasons for such disposition. The decision of the Director will be final in all cases.
Training on the following topics should be conducted by your supervisor:
Both the Illinois “Right to Know”and the Federal Hazard Communication Rule were established to inform employees of the potential health hazard posed by chemicals used in the work place.
These laws help to ensure employers have emergency medical data and non emergency safety information available in the event of employee exposure to a toxic substance.The written program, training records MSDS documents/toxic substance list will be made available to employees at their facility.
Crisis Team
Reporting Procedure
Crisis Team
You do not have to speak to the press: a good response is, “I am not the proper person to answer that question. You may want to discuss that with our official agency spokesperson.” (name of staff)

If you do not know the answer, simply say, “I do not know,”
direct them to spokesperson.
It is permissible to express sympathy for any involved individuals.

Do not say, “No Comment,”
it implies guilt.

Don’t joke.

Don’t make an “off the record” statement, confidentiality cannot
be guaranteed.
Safety codes are printed on the back of the badges.
Each facility has procedures,
training, and drills
specific to their environment

When incidents occur, and an accident/incident report shall be completed and submitted to Superintendent of Risk Mgt.
All employees of the Hoffman Estates Park District shall wear ID badges while on duty.
Occurrence Report
Report relating to
Property Damage or Missing Article
FMLA requires covered employers to provide up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job protected leave to “eligible” employees for certain family and medical reasons.
Any employee that operates a District vehicle in the course of their job duties needs a drivers abstract from the state. A driving record will be done annually. Also, the employee will schedule an appointment with the Parks department to perform a road check prior to using any Park vehicle.
Job Specific
All job specific responsibilities and job descriptions will be discussed and distributed through the immediate hiring supervisor.

Training on high risk equipment or hazardous job tasks will be conducted by the hiring supervisor.
Fire Extinguisher Use
1. Pull pin hold upright.
2. Start back 8 feet aim at base of fire.
3. Depress push lever, sweep side to side.
Anti-Bullying Policy
HEPD cares about the health and well-being of our community and participants. Bullying and harassment of any kind will not be tolerated. Including all forms of aggressive and violent behaviors that inhibit a participant’s ability to learn or limits involvement. All administrators, staff, parents, volunteers and participants are expected to refuse to tolerate this behavior.

Bullying and harassment are defined as any gesture or written, verbal, graphic or physical act – including cyberbullying – that is dehumanizing, intimidating, hostile, humiliating, threatening or likely to cause fear, evoke physical harm or emotional distress. This includes forms of retaliation against individuals who report or cooperate with investigations of bullying.

Consequences may include, but are not limited to:
Removal from the program, loss of privileges, program suspension

Visit heparks.org to read the full policy.
(particularly around the waist line)
Know Your Fire Extinguishers
Class A : use for ordinary combustibles
Class B : use for flammable liquids fires
Class C : use for electrically energized fires
Class D : use for flammable metals
Use of Park District
Information, Property,
and Equipment:
The protection of the Park District’s business information, property, and all other Park District assets are vital to the interests and success of the Park District. No Park District property may be removed from the Park District premises.
Background Check
Hoffman Estates Park District has adopted a hiring procedure to better safeguard the children and youth in our programs. Currently all full time, part time employees, independent contractors and volunteers are subject to a criminal background check.
Using your personal vehicle to transport a participant in any Park District program is strictly prohibited.
Park District vehicles will not be used to transport Park District patrons unless the vehicle and employee are authorized to do so by the Director of Recreation.
If no structure is available:
lie flat in the nearest ditch
seek shelter
5-minute steady blast of the emergency siren
will be activated by police or fire department.
Take shelter on the lowest level of the building in a windowless interior room or hallway.
Avoid large rooms such as gyms or auditoriums
Avoid rooms with large glass exposures
Crouch low to the ground, and use your arms to cover and protect your head and neck.
If no structure is available:
seek a low area
drop to your knees and bend forward with your hands on your knees.
do not stand under/around a natural lightning rod, such as a tall tree in an open field, pooled water, metallic objects, using the cell phone
HE Parks Building Alarms for ALL facilities

Please note, all facility buildings have an alarm system. Please be aware of operating hours and holiday hours at each facility, as many hours of operation are different depending on the facility.

If you need to enter a building after operating or after holiday hours, approval must be received from the Facility Manger/General Manager/Director.
Please see the contact list below:

Triphahn Center: Gary Fong
Willow Recreation Center: Debbie Albig
Vogelei: Debbie Albig
Seascape: Dru Steinhoff
Prairie Stone Sports & Wellness Center: Katie Basile
Bridges of Poplar Creek: Brian Bechtold
Bridges of Poplar Creek Maintenance Building (Which includes All District Storage) : Brian Bechtold
Parks Maintenance Building: Dustin Hugen

Permission must be obtained to enter a facility after business hours.

Setting off the alarm does result in a response fee from the Village and the police will be sent to the location.
In order to view your pay statement, please follow the directions below:

1. On your application, you provided an e-mail address.
2. At that e-mail address, look for a registration e-mail from BS&A Software/Access My Gov.
3. Follow the link in the e-mail to create a username and password.
4. DO NOT register on the website directly. You must click the link in the registration e-mail, or your pay stubs will not be available.
5. Pay stubs / W2 information will be available under the Employee Self-Service tab.
6. If you have any problems, please contact your full-time employee manager, who will forward the problem to HR to be resolved.
More information or help visit HE Parks shared drive,
the file is called Employee Services Portal,
or ask your supervisor to print a copy for you.
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