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Why do we need to go to university

No description

howard li

on 31 March 2015

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Transcript of Why do we need to go to university

What will happen if you didn't go to university
Won't earn lots of money.
Won't have a good job.
Might not have a good hygiene environment.
The cost to go to university.
Don’t always need to degree.
Might delay the real world.
Why do we need to go to university
G9 howard
Why ?

There's many people who didn't go to university for many reasons.
What are the reasons people go to university ?
Better career opportunities
Enhances personal growth
Defines career
Build confidence, independence and responsibility.
Might have a bigger salary chance
Learn more knowledge
What will people think if you didn't go to university ?
People will think you didn't have any educational background and they will think you won't get a good job in the future
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