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Social Media Mechanics Intro

No description

Annemarie Strassel

on 3 September 2013

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Transcript of Social Media Mechanics Intro

Live-Tweeting Events
Used to track the conversation happening around a specific event such as a protest, conference, or speech.
@BarackObama: When you want a response or are specifically looking for user to know you are discussing him/her

#BarackObama: When you are talking with a number of other people about the topic of this person.

Main question to ask yourself: Who else do you want seeing it?
Are you directing to specific person, or are you trying to connect with a broader community?
Mentions VS. Hashtags
Mentions, or @ symbol
1. The @ sign is also used as a way to identify, mention or reply to other users on Twitter.

2. If you want a specific person to see your message, you’ll want to include their @handle in the message.  Even if they follow you, they may miss it otherwise.

(Ex.): "@leighkshelton hey! just found out abt your GOTV work in Phoenix...sounds exciting! How can i get involved? #latism"
Twitter Glossary

Retweet (RT) – A tweet that someone else wrote that you are sharing with your followers. To retweet, copy and paste the tweet and add RT @username before the tweet.

Direct Message (DM)  - A private message to another Twitter user.

Follow - Opting in to receive someone's tweets in your Twitter feed.

MT - A "modified tweet," meaning the retweet has been slightly edited for length or content.

Trends - A list of popular hashtags that appears on Twitter's front page.
What is Twitter?
How to Set Up An Account
What's a tweet?
Glossary of Terms
Live-Tweeting Events
Building a following on Twitter
What We Will Cover Today
3. Strategic use of Facebook and Twitter to grow our community of supporters and coalition partners nationwide.
Our Purpose
Keep it short – Give others room to retweet and add comments.

Don’t overuse them – Be mindful that your tweets become too messy and abbreviated. It’s tempting sometimes to put a # sign before every key word in your tweet, but try to avoid that urge as it will dilute your message.
Twitter Home Page
This photo, uploaded to Twitter via Twitpic.com, was the first news of the plane crash into the Hudson River in 2009.

Pictures: You can also upload photos directly from Twitter, the same way you can on Facebook.

URL Shorteners – These services allow you to create a shortened web address.

Bit.ly and is.gd are examples.
Shorteners are also useful for tracking click-thrus.
Twitter Glossary (cont’d)
Sites for Looking Up Hashtags

An example of live-tweeting
URL Shortener
"Handle" or username
Hey @joanjest loved this week’s blog post. Here’s our take on the #debtceilingcrisis (http://t.co.5WRHNq).
Dissecting The Tweet

Effective Use of Hashtags
Events: Egypt (#Jan25)

Communities: Labor supporters #1u

Topics: Presidential Election #Election2012 #Obama2012 #Romney2012

Recommendations: Follow Friday (#FF)
(Ex): "@unitehere: Thanks to @jennaudrey for this posting "16 Female Role Models in the Labor Movement” post.ly/2XyhM #1u #fem2"
Understanding Hashtags, or #
A hashtag (#) is simply a way for people to search for tweets that have a common topic. It’s also where Twitter Communities “meet” to discuss certain issues or current events.
Following the hashtag “PR.”
Best Practices for Twitter
Best Practices for Facebook
Setting up a page for your union
Generating interaction with users
Tracking success
September 24, 2012 - Packers vs. Seahawks, aka #MNF
Key for you to both drive the conversation, but also pay attention to what your fan base is like what their interests are.

Get to know your followers!

Explore new communities based on your own interests!

Remember, social media is SOCIAL.
Getting mentioned by "influentials"
Think about what they want to tweet about, or what their interest is.
Find a time when they are likely to be heavily engaged in Twitter.
What's Live-Tweeting?
Talking About This: the number of unique people who have created a story from your post. This includes likes, comments, shares, responses to a question you posted, or responses to events.
Provides Facebook Page admins with detailed metrics by which to gauge the performance of your Page and its individual components.

Only page admins can see Insights.
Facebook Insights
Timeline for Fan Pages
 Interactions = Views. The more people interact with your content, the more often it will be shown.

Ripple effect = Interaction – Relevancy - Display à Interaction.

All interactions are not equal.
EdgeRank II: Engagement
The way Facebook determines what is important, or what is valuable enough, to share in other people’s news feeds.

• Types of Content
• Types of Engagement
Nothing replaces good content!
First Rule of Facebook (and all social media!)


Tracking Traffic to Your Page
Likes, Reach, etc.: Find out detailed demographic information about the people who liked your page, including gender, age, and geographic location.
Detailed Metrics on Facebook Insights
Page Posts Columns
Adapted from Beth Kantor’s blog: http://www.bethkanter.org/facebook-brand-page/
Page Visualization
The Viewer’s eye goes first to the cover photo and then to the profile photo.

They should be striking and contrasting.

Less is more. Clean images are best.
Cover and Profile Photos
Ask for direct action
In the comment box:
•  Add a comment, don’t just share.
•  Keep sentences short.
Best Practices for Postings
1. Keep them Simple.
2. Use Colors.
3. Post Timely Content.
Engaging Photos
• Videos
• Photos
• Major News
• Other Links
• Status Updates
EdgeRank 1: Content
1. Use Fan Pages, not Groups
2. Groups can’t interact with users’ news feed
Setting up your Union Facebook Page
Shares > Comments > Likes
EdgeRank II - Engagement
Facebook Insights Page
The system that Facebook uses to determine what is valuable enough to share in other people news' feeds.
Types of Content
Types of Interaction
Social Media for Social Justice
2. Spreading awareness and tapping into multiple communities for maximum movement on our issues.
1. Combining offline events with online actions.
4. Rapid Response to Crises
Talk to people
Talk about other people
Talk about yourself
Open a Twitter Account
Spend 20 minutes a day online
Stay connected!
Explore other social networking sites:
Instagram, Pinterest, Daily Kos and more!
Setting up a profile
Be in conversation with people who share similar interests .... in 140 characters or less!
Hashtag #
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