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SAT Vocabulary

No description

Alyssa LeClaire

on 6 May 2014

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Transcript of SAT Vocabulary

Definition: to be of the same opinion, to agree
Concur (verb)
Coerce (verb)
Definition:To compel by force or intimidation with out regard for individual desire or violation
Concede ( verb)
Definition: To surrender or yield something that one possesses
By Alyssa LeClaire
SAT Vocabulary- Set 6
Sounds like: Conquer
Picture: Two little kids on walkie-talkies sitting in separate pillow forts. One radios the other saying, "We should conquer the your sisters room." The second little kid says, "I concur!"
Sounds like: canned seed
Picture: Old McDonald signing the the papers that concede his farm to Johnny Appleseed. Once the papers are signed Johnny is planning to open his can of apple seed so he can plant his orchard. Johnny has so much canned seed it might not all fit on the farm.
Sounds like: Chorus
Picture: A chorus girl sitting in a pile of sheet music, the music teacher had coerced her into memorizing for the next day. If she doesn't know everything by tomorrow the music teacher will drop her grade.
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