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Why did the Civil War last four years?

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austin bacon

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Why did the Civil War last four years?

Key Terms and Concepts:
North- The Union, fought to abolish slavery and had victory in doing so.
South- The Confederate States, fought to keep slavery and lifestyle, lost to the North and eventually joined back into the Union.
Abraham Lincoln- President during the Civil War, tried to keep the Union together and abolished slavery before the war was over with the 13th Amendment.
Bill of Rights- guaurenteed the rights to all citizens while controlling the amount of power state and federal government had with the first ten amendments in the Constitution.
Interesting Facts:
Why did the Civil War last four years?
By: Austin Bacon

Lincoln and Davis both suffered from depression.
Lincoln was shot at and almost killed two years before he was eventually assassinated.
The Civil war was the deadliest war in American history, but many died because of disease.
The youngest soldier in the war was a nine year old boy from Mississippi. The oldest was an 80 year old man from Iowa.
In the following 20 years, divorce rates went up 150% because of conflicting opinions in households.
Most soldiers marched 15-20 miles per day.

One reason the war lasted so long was because of the clever military tactics and strategies. The South hoped to preserve their small armies while eroding the Union's will to fight. They felt this could be easy applied because the south was fighting to keep the only economy and lifestyle they knew of, while the North was fighting for beliefs and morals that recently became a big deal. The North came up with the Anaconda plan, which would block all southern ports and starve them of income and supplies. Then the Union forces would take control of the Mississippi River, splitting the Confederacy into two, ultimately weakening it. Some northerners and antislavery congressmen thought the plan was to timid, so they prayed for victory in northern Virginia to lead the CSA to negotiate. The North also created border states, like Kentucky, to prevent any other states from joining the confederacy, and give more support and comfort to the Union.
This war also had a lot of political strategy involved. The South wanted recognition and support from England and France. It was very important because all northern supplies were cut off and most of the South's cotton was exported over there. At this time, European textiles were booming and said no to the CSA because their crops were no longer necessary and they did not want to get their hands dirty in business they did not belong in. The North just wanted to save the Union, so they created those border states so there would be more people in the Union when they won and making their armies even larger.
To even make the war longer, the North and the South had very good political leaders and military leaders that fought against each other constantly. The South chose Robert E. Lee to lead the small armies to victory. Lee was very good at using traditional military tactics that would out smart the Union a lot. He was also very good at using railroads, technology, and other modern conveniences to his advantage. He mainly sent troops to the North by train for faster travel. If the South had a larger army population, then they could have defeated the North. The North chose military leader Ulysses S. Grant. Although Grant was not the most experienced leader, grant got better every time. Instead of using traditional ways, he just went for the attack which helped hm bring victory back to the Union. His large armies helped as well.
Although the war lasted a long time, a lot of work and money went into it. Both the North and South had great reasons to fight, giving them the extra courage to fight for four long years. The North thought slavery was wrong and everyone was equal and the South had no choice to fight or not because they had to fight for their survival. No matter what each side fought for, they fought a good battle to the best of their capabilities. Also, the nation was whole again, just like Lincoln wanted in the first place.
Review of my Paper:

The Civil War was not supposed to be a long war, but a small battle over a disagreement. When it finally end in 1865, four years had already passed and millions of extra dollars were spent to cover the cost of it. The North thought it would be short since they had a larger population, better weapons, and less land to cover from confederate soldiers. The South thought the war would be short because their victory would happen in a snap. They thought the North population was all immigrants that did not have enough american spirit or a lifestyle to fight for. If only the North and the South knew each other's strengths.

Lee County, Florida: Lee ran the army for the South and Florida is in the South
Slavery was abolished and they were GRANTed rights: Grant led the Union's armies and wanted equal rights for slaves.
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