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The Water Bicycle

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on 12 September 2014

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Transcript of The Water Bicycle

The water cycle is something that changes each day because of all the stages. Those stages are Precipitation,condensaton,evaporation,
transpiration,runoff,and groundwater.
What Would Happen Without One Part The Water Cycle
If one part of the water is gone we won't have food,and plants.We also won't have any water to survive because one stage is missing
Yes it can because any stage includes water.Another reason is because it goes backwords.
1.Without water the earth would look like the moon.
2.A tomato has 95% of water inside.
3.Water can change from vapor to a liquid.
Water Conservation
Water conservation is very,important right now in Los Angeles because we are in a drought.We are in drought and some people are just wasting gallons of water each day.There are ways that we can stop wasting water,those ways are not leaving the water going,don't get water and throw it away,and only use water for important things. Water conservation is a good thing in many ways because if we save the water we can have more water and not be having this problem right now.
I think that if we can save water every day so that when it rains we have even more to survive with.
When water,hail,sleet,and snow falls from the sky it supports the water cycle because it gives water to the plants and let them grow.This will give us food.And next is Condensation.
The process by which water is changed from vapor to liquid.It helps the water cycle by turning vapor to water for it can percipitate.
The Water Bicycle
By.Allen Amaya, Ramiro Alvarez, Christian Batres, Ivan Maldonado

What Is The Water Cycle
Can the water cycle begin at any stage?
Evaporation is when water rises up to the clouds and stops at the dew point.It helps the water cycle because it turns into clouds and condensation for it could rain.Another thing is that it surrounds the atmosphere.
Transpiration is when the water turns into gas and turns into condensation.This supports the water cycle by turning into gas to make clouds.
Runoff is something that is in
the ground then it goes to surface to evaporate.It supports the water cycle because it flows through rivers,streams,and mountains.
Ground water
Groundwater is water that is in the underground then it goes to the surface and it flows to the ocean and evaporates.Groundwater is water that is stored under ground and it goes to the surface until the water is ready.
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