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"The Hitchhiker" by Lucille Fletcher

Analysis of Drama

Michelle Wallach

on 5 January 2016

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Transcript of "The Hitchhiker" by Lucille Fletcher

by Lucille Fletcher
The Hitchhiker
You will


about elements of
drama, and

text to
Lesson Objective
Radio Play
Character Chart and Analysis
Refer to Question #2
You can visually use the graphic organizer to
summarize the roles and relationships
of the characters introduced.
Graphic Organizer
Refer to Question 3:
In paragraph form, write a summary of "The Hitchhiker".
Refer to Question 1:
Radio plays/dramas were performed during a time before space shuttles, cell phones and cyberspace.

Question 2:
List other characters' names
and the role they play in comparison to Ronald Adams

Role they play in comparison to Ronald Adams
Ronald Adams
He is on a road trip from Brooklyn, New York to California.
Role they play
in comparison to
Ronald Adams
Role they play
in comparison to
Ronald Adams
Every day, shortly after sunset, Americas would pull their chairs up to this little box and spend a delightful evening.
Magically fiction was made to
come alive on programs such as Escape, The Shadow, Suspense,
and The Whistler. For example, when Orson Welles broadcast "The War of the Worlds" in 1938, it caused much panic as listeners really believed the earth was being invaded by aliens!
In this way, those who lived during the Golden Age of Radio received a dash of excitement that they have remembered ALL THEIR LIVES.
When television was still an unrealized dream.
What stirred the imagination was a piece of furniture, about the size of a picnic basket, called radio.
Main Character
Be prepared to provide evidence for your conclusions.
1. Who is the narrator of this play? How do you know?
Evidence should be based on the text & your knowledge.
2. How does dialogue help to create the mood of the play? Give an example.
3. What does the narrator say to capture the attention of the audience and keep them tuned in and create mood? Give an example.
4. What are some of the sound effects used in this play? How do they create mood?
5. Why are sound effects especially important in a radio play?
6. How does the conversation between Adams and his mother at the beginning of the play foreshadow later events?
7. What aspects of the hitchhiker raise questions in the minds of Adams and the audience (listeners)?
8. The hitchhiker represents whom or what? Cite evidence to support your conclusion.
9. What does the reader find out about what really happened to Adams? What do you think will happen next with Adams? His mom? Explain.
10. What genre is this play? Thinking through elements of fiction, what is the inciting incident? Climax? Expain.
#4-Questions: Answer all on Google Classroom Doc...
Imagine that the hitchhiker appeared again at the end of the play and delivered his lines in the form of a poem.

Write the poem he would recite to Adams, explaining to his listener what has happened to him and who he is...
Question #5-Poetic Challenge:
Challenge Activities:

Character Analysis
Listen & Read
Quick Write
Question & Answer
Infer & Conclude
Write A Poem
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