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Public Registry for Open Internet in Pakistan

Presentation for P@SHA LaunchPad 2013 in the category Social/Community Impact

Sohail Abid

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Public Registry for Open Internet in Pakistan

Public Registry for Open Internet
The Idea
Provide the Internet users in Pakistan quick & easy ways to report URLs they want unblocked.

The reports are stored in an open/public registry (a website).

Public registry uses graphs and charts to make the data speak.
The Problem
While surfing the Internet, we encounter many blocked URLs.

Quite often, we have no idea why was a URL blocked.

Nor can we do anything about it.

We must move beyond grumbling on Twitter or Facebook.
The Solution
Browser extensions for 1-click request for a URL to be unblocked (citing educational, business, or other reasons).

Public registry is the collective voice of the community instead of scattered complaints.

Authorities, and other stakeholders, will see how the community is responding towards specific blocked URLs.
Sustainability Model
Initial costs in design and development.

For sustaining the project, we'll seek donors for server hosting.
I can handle the development, been doing so for the past 8 years.

Will seek a designer when we start work.
Thank You.
Sohail Abid
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