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Breakfast - Why, What & When!

No description

Kathy Perrotta

on 24 July 2015

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Transcript of Breakfast - Why, What & When!

Breakfast - Why, What & When!
Importance = Why
Need a higher GPA? - Start each day with Breakfast
Break the Fast
Fueling up in the morning can be especially important for children and adolescents, whose metabolic needs are relatively greater than adults.
Become a Champion
Your turn to be pictured on
this iconic box!
When to eat
Early eaters rev up their Metabolism!
Best Breakfast Menu
What you should eat for brain power, memory upgrade and attention booster!!
Breakfast to Go!
Not an early eater - Bag it To Go!
When you skip
*No Energy
Not yourself
Add your favorite breakfast to go here!
Benefits of

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