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Deaf Community of the Future!

No description

Kaitlyn Wachter

on 16 August 2014

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Transcript of Deaf Community of the Future!

a diagram of a thriving future
The Deaf Community!
As society and technology advances, so do the ways in which Deaf people can communicate both among themselves and with the hearing world. Interpreters, video phones and texting all breach the conversational void. Additionally, more hearing students are learning ASL than ever before. This gives hope to Deaf and hearing communities uniting. Deaf people can now also make written and video blogs to share their storie with the community and the world.
Meeting places
The future Deaf community will hopefully have a number of meeting places. Though their ability to make any venue a home for the Deaf community is admirable, they deserve permanent reliable meeting places in which they can gather in a secure, loving environment.
Since Deaf culture is so visual, the future Deaf community would hopefully be full of art centers where people could make and show art in all its forms.
Along with meeting places, the Deaf community would do well to have many national and international events like the Deaflympics or opportunities for speakers and cross cultural gathering for religious, artistic and other groups.
Deaf Schools
Hopefully the future of the Deaf community includes Deaf schools outside of oralist teaching. Deaf school are wonderful tools for Deaf people to form lasting relationships within the community.
Deaf Museums
Another important addition to the future would be Deaf museums celebrating their achievements and place in history. The Deaf community deserves to have a place to remember the adversity they've survived and enjoy the art they provide to the world.
Overall, the Deaf community I hope for in the future is fully embraced by and is co-cultural with the hearing world. It is celebrated and understood. Accessibility is not a question in the ideal future, there would be funding to provide interpreters, captioning and telephone services, and Deaf people would have many opportunities to meet with and enjoy one another. More hearing people would make efforts to become a part of this vibrant world
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