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how to make a cheese burger

what steps to follow to make a cheese burger

yasin schultz

on 17 January 2012

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Transcript of how to make a cheese burger

How I Make A Cheese Burger Ingredients Hamberger meat Parsley salt pepper
hamberger bun
with sesamy seads lettuce tomatos onions cilantro cayenne pepper cumin steps and prosidures first you defrost the hamburger meat so it is ready to add ingrediants. after you defrost the meat you add the ingrediants to the meat. slice tomatos into thin slices chopp onions into very small pieces no bigger than a millamiter slice some of the onion into thin slices to add to the top of the burger when the burger is done onley cutt the leavs off the selontro into small pieces if the cayenne is not allredy in spice form than you must blend the pepper into a fine powder onley cutt off two slices of lettuce to putt on top of your burger put a pinch of pepper put 1/8 t-spoon of salt one t-spoon of chopped parsley 1/4 pound of hamburgermeat add a pinch of cumin once you add the ingrediants you turn the
grill to 450 degries after the grill is heated you putt
the burger meat on for 5-10 minutes after that you add the cheese
any type ypu wont, and put it on a bun things you need for making a cheese burger knife

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