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Biography of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles

No description

Leow Zhi Qing

on 17 August 2012

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Transcript of Biography of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles

Born: 6 July 1781 (1781-07-06)
(Off the Coast of Jamaica)
Died: 5 July 1826 (aged 45)
(London, England, UK)
Occupation: British Colonial Official
Known for: Founding Singapore
Religion: Anglican Sir Thomas Bingley Stamford Raffles, (6 July 1781 – 5 July 1826) was a British salesman, best known for his founding of the city of Singapore. He was also described as the "Father of Singapore". He was also an amateur writer and wrote a book called ''History of Java''. THE END ! 6th July,1781: Raffles was born at sea on board a ship.
1795: Raffles worked as a clerk in the East India Company where he got his first job.
1804: Raffles was sent to Prince of Wales Island(now known as Penang).
1811: Raffles was appointed Lieutenant Governor of Java and was soon promoted to Governor of Bencoolen(now known as Sumatra).
19th January, 1819: Raffles founded modern Singapore.
1821-1822: Raffles contributed two research papers to the Zoological Society, London.
1824: Raffles returns to England.
5th July, 1826: Raffles passed away a day before his birthday due to apoplexy. When Raffles Arrived at Singapore

Landed on Singapore on 29 January 1819.
There was only a small Malay fishing village when he landed on Singapore. Slave Trading
Traders brought slaves with them when they came to Singapore.
Slave trading was common at that time.
Raffles banned slave trading at 1823. Gambling
There are many gambling dens in Singapore.
Raffles closed all gambling dens and banned public gambling in 1823. Done By:
Leow Zhi Qing
Ronicca Wang
Tan Ruo Xing
Keith Teo
Tan Wei Jie Flood at Little India

A flood was caused due to heavy rain the previous day. It was the first and most serious flood in 20 years. Cow pastures full of manure were flooded, resulting in the worst case of water pollution.

Most people seeked shelter in their homes as they feared that the high water level of 2 meters would flood their homes. A few helpful farmers used buckets to collect water yet their efforts were in vain.

Having heard of this incident, Raffles had two groups of workers to help in this incident. A group was to build a deep trench to hold the water and the other was to clean the water bodies that were polluted. Within a month, the trench of water had became one of the first reservoirs that time and the water was cleaned to its original state. Scenario 3:
There was a serious flood at Little India.

How did it happened? How serious was the flood?
Who are involved in the flood? Who came to render help?
What causes the flood?
What did Raffles do?
How would he solve the problem? BIBLIOGRAPHY
Stamford Raffles Founder Of Modern Singapore
Online Wikipedias:
Stamford Raffles Sir Thomas Stamford Bingley Raffles (1781-1826) (Our Hero)
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