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Things About Me

No description

Tierra charles

on 4 November 2012

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Transcript of Things About Me

My Name Is Tierra Charles. Im a Twin. Her Name Is
Kierra Charles. We're Identical.! My hobbies/Life I Want To Be a Nurse , When I
Get Older. I Love My Life... My Life Is Good So
Far... I Love My Family So
Much. Their My blessing. My Family I Have 2 sisters, and 3 Brothers. I Have a Nice relationship With My
Mom And Dad. I Love Volleyball, Dance,
And Track. My Likes I Like To Hang Out With
My friends At The Movies
And Trailrides. I Love To Go To Trailrides. I Like To Make New friends At New Schools. I Like My teachers
Already Their Nice. :) Places I Like To Go ... Trailrides, movies, Lafayette. Things I Like To Do... Text , Talk to friends , Clown alittle,
Go to Parties, And Go To school Every Morning. My Favorites... My Favorite Food Is FeddiChini. My Favorite Shoes Are Adidas And More. My Favorite Teacher Is Ms.Guillory. my favorite Friend , Which Is Best Friend Is Me Myself And I... My Favorite male Artist Is Trey Songz.
My favorite Song Is "Can't Be Friends".
My favorite Female Artist Is Keyshia Cole.
My favorite Song Is "Enough Of No Love". School Plaisance
Elementary. 8th Grades Loves Spelling,
English, Reading, Math , and science.
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