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Start a Small Bakery Business

No description

Nargiz Dzhaparova

on 5 May 2016

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Transcript of Start a Small Bakery Business

Start a Small Bakery Business
Type of bakery
Business plan
Name of my business
“N&N bakery”
cakes or breads, muffins, donuts and other baked goodies. You may choose to sell combinations of specialty cakes and baked goods.
The location size should be enough to accommodate baking ovens, baking racks, baked goods shelves, storage, counters, tables and chairs
I would need enough to cover purchase of equipment, appliances, furniture, and lease of location, renovation, start-up costs and up to six months worth of employees' salaries. Budget for ingredients, utilities, insurance and other miscellaneous operating costs.
Hire workers
food servers or wait staff
experienced bakers
person operating the counter and register
Advertise opening day by posting ads on newspapers and posting or handling out flyers. I can also host a charity event and give out baked goods with my label attached. Hand out business cards and flyers to the attendees.
Nargiz Dzhaparova
Finance 14.106
* Products of a bakery is in great demand.
* Shops, houses are close to the bakery and the availability of fresh bread is always promotes to its fast realization
* Raw materials for baking bread are always available for purchase
* Work of bakery is not seasonal

Reasons for current project selection:
Name of the project :
Start a small bakery business
Sources of funding:
The purpose of the project :
Determination of the feasibility of establishing a mini - bakery for the production of bakery and confectionery products.
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