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Hero's Journey for Toy Story 3

No description

on 16 November 2014

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Transcript of Hero's Journey for Toy Story 3

The talking phone and Woody's friends were his allies. His helpers were also his friends and the toy phone, but Bonnie's toys helped a lot also to get his friends back.
Hero's Journey for Toy Story 3

: Woody
: When he got separated from Andy
The Ordinary World
: Toy phone
Threshold Guardians
: Bad toys at Sunny Side
Andy's house is the ordinary world. Woody
is different because he wants to be there
for Andy but the other toys think that it is
time to go, and join a new family of toys.
: Buzz Lightyear
: Lotso
The Call to Adventure
The call to adventure was when Woody's friends got taken to Sunny Side.
Crossing the
The name of the new world is
Sunnyside. Sunnyside seems nice
at first but turns out to be the
complete opposite. The hero first
crosses the threshold when he
and his friends got taken in by
Andy's mom to Sunnyside. Later he leaves to get back to Andy, but then soon returns later. He did not meet any guardians till he went back a second time to bring his friends back.
Trials That The
Hero Faces
1. Trying to get his friends to come back to Andy's with him.

2. The journey back to Andy after he comes back to get his friends out of Sunnyside.

3. The monkey.
The mentor is the toy phone and he doesn't really die but he is is thrown out in front of woody and says "They broke me cowboy."
Allies/ Helpers
The Supreme ordeal
The shadow is Lotso and Woody doesn't really defeat him he jut kinda forgets about him and doesn't ever think about him and puts him in the past.
The Journey Home
Yes he returns home, and on the journey home he realizes he needs to stay with his friends. So him and his friends are sent to Bonnie's and that is were their new home is ad were they are going to stay.
By: Brookelyn Heiss
Lyndsey Marshall
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