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School Crossing Warden

Campaign Pitch by Bridge PR

Ellie Rose

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of School Crossing Warden

Campaign Pitch
School Crossing Warden
In this presentation
Our Evaluation
We will show you...
Online Survey
Handout survey
Interviews with crossing wardens
Information from Sunderland City Council
Statistical data
Our Research
Our Campaign Strategy
Organise events to raise profile of the job.
60 Years of Legends
School Crossing Warden Appreciation Day
Child Pedestrian Training Programme

Use publications raise awareness and raise profile of the job.
news releases
viral video
highlight videos
vox pop video
social media/online presence

Use partnerships to access resources, show support for the job
and provide access to new opportunities.
Brake charity
School officials
Northumbria Police
Current crossing wardens
Sarah Millican
Our tactics
Measure of success
Number of crossing wardens employed by by Sunderland City Council rises from 70 to at least 76.

Look at whether statistics show a decrease in accidents around areas of vacancies after six months, a year.
Bridge PR
Our objectives
To raise the profile of school crossing wardens and their vital role in the community.
To recruit six new school crossing wardens within six months.
To improve safety on local roads through links to First School road safety campaign.
Our objectives
Who we are
Our research
Our tactics
Our evaluation
Target public: aged 50-75
Slogan: 'Our Lollipop Legends'
Theme: Road Safety
Get the children involved
Get partners involved
Get exposure to target public & friends and family
Run campaign from end of March to end of September
Use word of mouth to increase exposure
Between 2007-2011, the number of casualties of children under 6 rose by 7%
530 road collisions caused child casualties
99 were serious
4 resulted in death
90% children injured were pedestrians.
Highest level was in September during the week, and peaked during school opening and closing times.
Accident prevention could save Sunderland £30.5million
The statistics show
Bridging the gap between you and your clients.
Specialising in:
Media Relations
Event Management
Crisis Management
Previous clients include:
Brake Charity
Newcastle City Council
Durham County Council
Northumbria Police
Child Pedestrian Training Programme
Incorporate crossing wardens into these sessions
Invite press to attend a training session

60 Years of Legends Event
Hold at Mowbray Park, Civic Hall, City Library & Arts Centre

Raise awareness of the event by writing a news release, distributing flyers and delivering personal invitations

Provide entertainment:
Family road safety kit
Tea & Cake with Mayor
Information stands - Northumbria Police, local schools, Brake charity.
Story time with a crossing warden
Bouncy castle
Crossing Warden of The Year award ceremony

Crossing Warden Appreciation Day
Crossing wardens in city centre
Partner with Spark FM for Act of Kindness competition
Send out news releases to cover -
Brake partnership
First school pedestrian training
60 years of Legends event
Flash mob video
Appreciation day

Produce flyer to provide tips, statistics,
interviews and promotional coverage.

Deliver to a quarter of Sunderland households,
as well as selected public locations

Flash mob viral video -
schoolchildren and crossing warden perform dance.

Vox Pops video for

60 Years of Legends -
interview schoolchildren and community about why they like
their crossing wardens, stories of heroism etc.

Highlight videos for -
60 Years of Legends event, Crossing wardens in city centre.

Campaign blog
Facebook & Twitter accounts
Both providing news & updates, road safety tips, publish videos,
promote & recap events, promote competitions.
Partner with Brake charity -
Gain access to their information and resources
Possible sponsorship by Sunderland AFC
Have Sarah Millican lead Giant Walking Bus event
Support Slower Speeds Save Lives campaign

Partner with Sunderland Echo -
Crossing Warden of the Year competition,
winner awarded prize at 60 Years of Legends event.
Arrange interview with winner of competition.

Partner with Spark FM -
Acts of kindness for Appreciation Day.
Best story wins a prize.
Arrange interview with winner and recipient.

Partner with current crossing wardens
Provide all crossing wardens with business cards for
awareness and recruitment purposes.
Recruit for faces of campaign.
Food £250
Bouncy Castle £80
Road Safety Play Kits £90
Folding Tables £27.16
Chairs £90
Conference Sound Package £80
Flyers - £600
Business Card £13.20
Award £26.80
Crossing Warden of the Year -
£100 virgin experiences voucher.
Act of kindness -
2 £25 SayShopping Passes
Crossing Warden Payment - £216.65 for 5x7hrs.
Zazz private dance tuition £72
Bridge PR Payment - £300

TOTAL: £1995.81 of £2000.00 budget
90% aware of what a crossing warden is

Who would take the job?
18-24's wouldn't take the job.
Target public - 50-75.

Factors that were important to responders:
Giving back to community

40% would consider it more if they knew it would reduce the no. of road accidents.
Online survey results
Name: Ellen Brown
Age: 49
Working as a traffic warden for 1 year
Is it a hard job? –Not very hard but you have a lot of responsibilities
What do you like about the job? – She’s there to help the children
What do you dislike about the job? – The salary is not good, weather can get bad

Name: John Hughes
Age: 60
- Has been a traffic warden for a little under 2 years.
Is it a hard job? – It can be. It depends on the situation.
What do you dislike about the job? - He doesn’t like it that much. He does it because he has a lot of free time and his granddaughter is in a nearby school.
Interview with Crossing Wardens
Handout Surveys
What is your age

What is your gender?
Male- 67%

Do you know what a traffic warden is?
Yes- 90%

Do you have children?

Do you think a traffic warden makes a big difference in protecting children in the road?
Yes- 60%
No- 40%

Do you feel safer knowing they are assuring children’s safety on the road?

Do you see yourself working as a traffic warden?
Information from Sunderland City Council
Anthony Bell
Road Safety co-ordinator

We currently have 70 school crossing patrols throughout the city covering Sunderland, Houghton le Spring and Washington areas. From the 70 school crossing patrol employed by the council 48 of these are aged 50 or over.

During the last six months Sunderland City Council have recruited 1 school crossing patrol.

We currently have 6 vacant sites throughout the city from these there are 2 vacancies in Sunderland Central, 1 vacancy in Sunderland North, 1 vacancy in Sunderland West and 2 vacancies in Houghton le Spring.
Our strategy
Our budget
Thank you
We hope you enjoyed our pitch and we look forward to hearing from you.
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