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Calgary Humane Society

No description

Jamie Hickey

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Calgary Humane Society

The Calgary Humane Society More than a shelter Adoptions Protection Education Behaviour Support Us Connecting Lives since 1922 Now:
100 staff
800 volunteers
300 foster parents
Beautiful Safe Facility Then:
No facility
0 paid staff
Few Volunteers
9 volunteer board members
To create a world in which
we are no longer needed. Our Goal? 1561 Dogs
4987 Cats
925 Others Shelter Health Finding Owners... Collar Tag? Tattoo? Microchip Note: Not a GPS unit! OPEN ADMISSION Notable Reunions Nero Chanel Petunia missing 3.5 years
home at last! owner had moved to Guatemala...
now Chanel lives there too! reunited after 14 years!
enjoying retirement Animal Health 4 vets
5 AHTs
3 assistants 20 surgeries ... per day! 14,000-16,000 Health Exams ... every year! Protections 4 full-time peace officers Alberta Animal Protection Act Concerns for 2011 total call responses ... 1093 Grooming Neglect Abandonment Medical Neglect
October 2010 medical neglect of a cat
led to the first lifetime prohibition. Still the #1 area for increasing calls Under the APA animals must be
provided with appropriate veterinary
care to treat injury and illness Pet Safekeeping
& Emergency Boarding Violence Prevention Initiative
100% No Charge
Safety Planning Information
Referral Required
Free Spay/Neuter/Vaccine
CONFIDENTIAL Education Responsible Pet Guardianship
Fostering care and compassion
Respect for all living things Youth Programs Adult Initiatives Community Outreach School Programs EMPOWERMENT EDUCATION EXPECTATION informed choices require accessible information. you make choices every day and those choices are up to you. you have not only the ability, but the RESPONSIBILITY to
create the world you want to live in. Adoption Process: Finding a forever home. Interview? Visits? Training? Screening? HAPPY TAILS! Match???
Behaviour and Training Assessment...
Helpline... Commitment to
support How you can help... Financial Donations PAWS monthly giving
One time donations
Nine Lives Society
Social Committee projects (jeans day, raffles etc.)
Employee matching programs Equipment
Event prizing and services
Much needed supplies Donate Time Regular positions
Special events (casinos)
Day of caring
Foster Parent Bylaw or the CHS? Bylaw CHS Protects people from animals
Enforces city-specific Bylaws
Nuisance Animal Calls Protects animals from people
Enforces Alberta Animal
Protection Act
Animal in distress calls Other Pet Gear Store purchases
Children's programs & camps
Behaviour training classes
Cremation and pet memorials In Kind Donations Food/Water/Shelter
Medical Care
Hot car
Dirty Conditions
Grooming Neglect
Pet store concerns
Other ... 360
... 159
... 129
... 56
... 55
... 16
... 15
... 14
... 14
... 13
... 12
... 95 5 Freedoms 1. Freedom from hunger or thirst
2. Freedom from discomfort
3. Freedom from pain, injury or disease
4. Freedom to express normal behaviour
5. Freedom from fear and distress What else would you like to learn? How to get the most out of your vet visit
Why does my dog do that?
What is my cat thinking?
Holiday Hazards
Oh the pets you can get!
So you think you want a monkey...
Top 10 Animal Myths and Mistakes
Animal Protection: From Call to Conviction
Flying Fidos and Camping Cats: Travelling with your pet
Have your own idea? We will make it happen!
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