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No description

Sierra Wolfe

on 13 May 2010

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Transcript of Italy

Double click anywhere & add an idea Italy Getting There Where I Plan to Stay Things to do Climate Foods and Places to Eat Currency Exchange Saftey Concerns: The climate will be warm and generally be quite sunny. I am going to fly out of London Cost is $3380
(round trip) I will get dropped off in Frankfurt BOo I will be taking the plane from Air Canada Then from Frankfurt I will take a plane into the Venice airport I will stay at the Luna Hotel
Balglioni, it is a 5 star hotel I will be staying in the Junior Suite.
The cost of the Junior Suite is
going to be 2530 euros for the 6 nights It would cost 3388 in Canadian dollars I can: Visit the St. Mark's Basilica. It is a church. See St. Mark's square dfd Take a tour on the Grand Canal Go shopping in the market Pickpocketing Mosquito Bites Getting lost 1.00 in Canadian dollars = 0.748354 in Euros 1.00 in Euros = 1.33627 in Canadian dollars Places:
Osteria Da Fiore
Caffe Quadri Food:
Egg Noddles
Risotto In July it will be around 81 degrees F
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