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Creating a Colony

No description

Alec Smith

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Creating a Colony

Traveling To a New World
By: Alec Terrell Smith
Samantha Asperger
The colony would have one governor to lead.
Would have an elected congress
Anyone would be able to attend schools to get a higher education.
The Yorkies
Colony based on trade and commerce
Would be a proprietary colony, which is a colony given to a proprietor to govern
Our colony would be located in the New York area
Social Class System
Women would be more involved in the everyday life.
Women and men both could have a job.
Occupations such as: Blacksmith, doctors, shipbuilders, and merchants.
There would be no slaves.
The Voyage
Bringing 100 Men, 100 Women, and 100 Children
brought on 3 ships
Allowed to practice any religious belief
made up of all middle and lower class citizens
citizens would be free to pursue any lifestyle they want
Departed from England in 1630.
Desired the ability to practice any religion.
Longed for more freedom and rights.
Wanted a better social class.
The Yorkies
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