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Vacation of A Lifetime

No description

Dana Bosel

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Vacation of A Lifetime

By: Dana Bosel Vacation Of A Lifetime Colorado July 20-23 Marine City, MI
1. Head northeast on S Main St toward Broadway St
43 ft
2. Take the 1st left onto Broadway St
0.2 mi
3. Continue onto Fairbanks St
0.2 mi
4. Slight left onto Parker St
325 ft
5. Take the 1st right onto West Blvd
0.5 mi
6. Turn right onto King Rd
0.5 mi
7. Take the 1st left onto Marine City Hwy
11.2 mi
8. Continue onto 26 Mile Rd
1.4 mi
9. Turn left to merge onto Interstate 94 W/I-94 W toward Detroit
34.5 mi
10. Take exit 213B to merge onto I-96 W
3.8 mi
11. Continue onto Interstate 96 Express W/Jeffries Fwy
5.7 mi
12. Merge onto I-96 W
8.9 mi
13. Slight left onto M-14 W
15.3 mi
14. Merge onto US-23 N
2.1 mi
15. Slight left onto M-14 W (signs for Ann Arbor)
0.4 mi
16. Continue onto US-23BUS S
1.1 mi
17. Continue onto M-14 W
3.6 mi
18. Merge onto Interstate 94 W
Passing through Indiana
Entering Illinois
217 mi
19. Continue onto I-294 N/I-80 W
Partial toll road 20. Slight right onto I-80 W (signs for Iowa)
Partial toll road
145 mi
21. Continue onto I-280 W
Entering Iowa
26.6 mi
22. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for I-80 W/US-6 W and merge onto I-80 W/US-6 W
Continue to follow I-80 W
152 mi
23. Take exit 137A on the left to merge onto I-235 W toward Des Moines
14.6 mi
24. Continue onto I-80 W
119 mi
25. Merge onto I-29 N
2.6 mi
26. Slight left onto I-80 W (signs for Interstate 80 W/Omaha)
Entering Nebraska
353 mi
27. Continue onto I-76 W
Entering Colorado
187 mi
28. Merge onto I-70 W
8.9 mi
29. Take exit 260 to merge onto CO-470 E toward Colorado/Springs
5.7 mi
30. Take the exit onto US-285 S toward Fairplay
39.4 mi
31. Turn right onto Co Rd 62/Geneva Rd/Guanella Pass Rd
Continue to follow Co Rd 62/Geneva Rd
This road may be seasonally closed
6.8 mi
32. Slight left onto Co Rd 1038/Duck Creek/Fsr-119
Continue to follow Duck Creek
0.5 mi
33. Continue onto Co Rd 1038
3.3 mi

Colorado Directions! Weather Friday:
Chance of rain:
ENE at 6 mph Saturday:
Chance of rain:
ENE at 5 mph Sunday:
Mostly Sunny
Chance of rain:
NE at 8 mph www.weather.com Flight & Transportaion Round Trip: $133 Rent a car: $138.06 www.enterprise.com www.googlemaps.com Hotel Three Nights: $360 Sightseeing Food $40 per day
4 days
$160 Colorado River Mountians Grand Canyon Skywalk
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