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Unit Inspection

No description

Yasin Perez

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of Unit Inspection

Goal One
Achieve 100% on-time graduation rate for seniors that complete a three year AFJROTC program, with 70% attending college.
Achieve a 5% increase in cadet enrollment over preceding years. Receive school activity or organization recognition for at least 10% of cadet student body
Surpass previous years charity activites for this current year. Participate in at least four community charities
Cadet Goals
School Goals
Community Goals
Event such as "Light The Night" Lukemia Walk is just one of the many ways we try to have a greater footprint in the community.
We are determined to improve our Corps' involvement in the community that has so generously allowed us to continue our program and partake in a legion of events.
The Corps
Wing Commander
Deputy Wing Commander
Group Commander
Deputy Group Commander
Command and control the Wing, using the staff and subordinate commanders
Inspects and evaaluates all staff functions
Establishes goals to be achieve by the Wing
Assist in Coordinating Wing Staff actions
Maintaining the Cadet Corps Image
Assist in overseeing all Corps functions
To assist the Wing Commander as directed
Coordinate Wing staff actions
Keeps the Wing Commander informed of all activitites related to his position
Runs and prepare Staff Meetings
Establishes deadlines and ensures folow up
Presides over cadet boards as required
Goal Three
Goal Four
Goal Five
Goal Two
Goal Six
Cadet Guide
OIC and NCOIC have been involved helping Athletics. Assisting them with any paper work or setting up
OIC and NCOIC have been involved in assisting in Extreme Games.
OIC is head of three committees and is helping in another. We are involved in planning everything, with Athletics and lending them a hand.

Our goal is to be the back bone to key staff, and being able to help them out in anything that they may need.

A major goal that we have had is to be involved in many different activities and committees. We have done so, and we will keep doing that.

Assist in All Operations in Accordance with Cadet Wing Commander


OIC: C/Captain Jocelyn Maldonado
NCOIC: C/Msgt. Julio Lovos

Help organize leukemia and lymphoma walk 10/24/14
OIC was in charge of the Gary Mintz Run 12/7/14.
OIC had to place cadets in groups and place them in certain stations.
OIC and NCOIC have been involved helping Athletics. Assisting them with any paper work or setting up

OIC and NCOIC had to distribute Holiday cards to all administrators in Brentwood District and High School. The holiday cards were given personally to the high school administrators.


Assists Key Staff with events/operations.

OIC: Cadet Captain Jessica Mendez
NCOIC: Cadet Master Sergeant Frankie Iglesias

Get Cadets more involved in the Community
Bring the cadets more unified within the core, especially the ASI's
Show the Community that AFJROTC has much more to offer than what is percieved.
Bring the cadets to become more involved within our school
We keep staff memebers in check
Lukemia and Lymphoma Walk
Relay for Life
Buffalo Wild Wings
Dining-In Ceremony
Leadership Conference
Gary Mintz Pancake Run
Science Olympiads
Extreme Games
Brentwood Drill Competition
Staff Reports
Comptroller: Cadet Captain Joshua Garcia
OIC: Cadet Captain John Argueta
NCOIC: Cadet Master Sergeant Jason Melgar

Helps maintain finances for the corps
Organizes club sales
Budget management

Ensure that we help out with every event that involves monetary gain and loss.
Help raise money in events such as pizza sales

Ensure no or little mistakes are made when counting the money that is gained or used.
Fundraising for various things such as the senior trip.
Maintain a stable budget and have sufficient funds for things needed for the program.
Most expenses will go towards our Award Banquet

Our Corps had an initial budget to start off with.
We had a huge increase during the interval of November- January.
Our budget as of April 24,2015.
These numbers show much success in sales and other various sources of income.
Expenses in the end of the year will cause the budget to be below$1,000.

AFJROTC NY-773 2014-2015 BUDGET
Keeps the Deputy Group Commander informed of all squadron activities either verbally or through written reports as required.
Squadron A
Cadet Captain Jennifer Benitez-Reyes
Cadet Master Sergeant Elizabeth Ramos
Squadron Commander Duties

The appearance, discipline, and training of the squadron.

Assists the instructor in conducting leadership training.

Assist the group commander as required.
First Sergeant Duties
Provide assistance to squadron commander when necessary
Takes attendence at all events
Ensures fundamental necesities for positions under Support Squadron are provided in order to increase proficiency
Ensure that cadets are wearing their uniforms properly
Ensure that the cadets are up to date with each of their Goals Project requirements
Squadron B
Cadet Captain Becky Bahr
Cadet Master Sergeant Amber Robinson
Goals for Squadron B
We handle attendance and uniform inspections at parades (Homecoming, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, etc.)
Job Description

I also want to show them that there is more to the class than just 40 minutes.
Squadron C
Cadet Captain Michelle Lopez
Cadet Master Sergeant Cindy Barbecho
Duties Include:
Attending events and taking attendence
Keeping up with cadets in my squadron with their JROTC work
Develop a relationship with my squadron
Squadron D
Cadet Captain Juan Dominguez
Cadet Master Sergeant Jayde Alston
Squadron Commander Duties

Commander/First Sergeant Goals
Commander to ensure that the number of infractions in my squadron decrease.

To have the cadets in my squadron build a strong bond and a sense of team work.

To motivate the squadron to always strive to be the best.

First Sergeant: to Shadow the Commander to ensure that I am prepared for possible duty as commander in the future.

Squadron E
Cadet Captain Brianna Alfonzo
Cadet Master Sergeant Natasha Lopez
Take attendance at every event
Assist instructors with assigned class
Inform class about upcoming events and information
Check grades, goals project, uniform wear
Help cadets that are having trouble with anything
Squadron F
Cadet Captain Chelsea Lennon
Cadet Master Sergeant Ariel Rodriguez
What Squadrons Commanders Do

Discuss Flight of the Quarters Write Ups and are responsible for Staff Reports once a month
Ensure cadets are completing work and producing exceptional grades
Set the example of what is expected of a dedicated cadet and serve as a resource to all cadets
Squadron G
Cadet Captain Hoover Gone
Cadet Master Sergeant Adda Lantigua
Take attendance and check squadron for infractions in the beginning of Parades, Dining In, and Commandants Call.

Squadron Commander's Job

Help cadets with uniform wear and work that they need to be help with in the class.
Update class every week on events that are coming up so they can volunteer to help set up or come and usher.
Try to win Flight of the Quarter or even trying to win Flight of the Year.

Have less infractions from certain cadets and have all of our cadets wear uniform wear on the day they supposed to every week.
Help the cadets have a path after high school as in going to college and majoring in something they enjoy or even joining a military branch , since they're a senior class.
What does Personnel do?

OIC: Cadet Captain Ricky Cahverria
Cadet Captain Destiny Colorado

NCOIC: Cadet Master Sergeant Maxlyn Perez
Cadet Master Sergeant Michele Paniagua
Cadet Master Sergeant Abby Garcia
Cadet Master Sergant Katterine De La Cruz
Make sure every cadet has a folder
Must put every cadet information in the corresponding folder
Must keep track of information or lack of information in cadets folders
Maintain cadets data in wings. We help put the community service hours of cadets from the blood drive in Wings.
We made sure that every ASI cadet has a personnel folder
We are keeping documents inside of the folder up to date.
Outside boards

Powwow is the school’s news paper
The 1st issue is we had 6 articles
We focus on major events and gatherings:
9/11 ceremony
Blood Drive
Gary Mintz Run


We connect the rest of the 3,700 students of Brentwood High school with AFJROTC
We let them know what’s going on and when it’s happening
Outside world

Brings AFJROTC to the outside world
Outside Boards
What We Do
Public Affairs
OIC: Cadet Captain Flor Salmeron
Cadet Captain Fatima Carranza
Cadet Captain Arooj Arshad
NCOIC: Cadet Master Sergeant Wilcarme Charles

Sentry Duty
OIC: Cadet Captain Donald Mills
Cadet Captain Kevin Romero
Cadet Captain Carlos Garay

NCOIC: Cadet Master Sergeant Elizabeth Salmeron
Cadet Master Sergeant Joshua Shannon
Cadet Master Sergeant Jenny Maldonado
Inspect cadtes upon their entry of the building on uniform days.
Improve the quality of the cadet's uniform.
Keep track of uniform infractions
Special Projects
OIC: Cadet Captain Lissette Martinez
Cadet Captain Armando Umana
NCOIC: Cadet Master Sergeant Melixa Betancur
Complete tasks given by staff and the instructors
OIC: Cadet Captain Francisco Ayaraca
NCOIC: Cadet Master Sergeant Sandra Ali
To give cadets a new sense of confidence
Provide a positive surrounding
Prep cadets for performances along side color guard
Make sure choir gets more representation
Fundraisers for t-shirt/ drill suits
Squadron H
Cadet Captain Stephanie Coronado
Master Sergeant Selma Mohammad
Dulce Dance
Cheer Team
OIC: Cadet Captain Anita Lightfoot
Cadet Captain Florence Martinez
NCOIC Cadet Master Sergeant Saratchina Diamanche

December 2013
December 2014

Dining In
Drill Competition
Recruiting At The Freshman Center
Martin Luther King Jr Day
Extreme Games
Junior Olympics
BMX Show
Our Teams
Armed and Unarmed
Drill Team
OIC: Cadet Captain Christina Gomez
NCOIC: Cadet Master Sergeant Karen Pantaleon
To set an example and remind the team a path so that every team on Drill reaches their goal at achieving first place trophies.
To instill discipline in the basic drill movements of regulatory movements.

To ensure every Drill member enjoys their Drill experience and learns from it.
Organize, motivate, train and command all drill teams.
Ensure proper safety precautions during all Drill team activities.
OIC Duties
NCOIC Duties
Supervises all teams.

Tracks requirements for earning Drill team ribbons and Color guard ribbons.
Ensures equipment is used properly and not damaged through carelessness.
Executive Officer
Senior Advisor
Maintain Cadet Corps Calendar of Events
Scheduling and coordinating activities for the Wing Commander and Cadet Wing
Primary liason between Cadet Group and Key Staff
Responsible for conduct, disicipline, dress and appearance of Cadet Group in accordance with Wing Commander
Key Staff and Corps to plan and execute the Unit's Third Annual Joint service Drill team Competition at Brentwood High School. Competition will include traditional Drill, Briefing Oratorical competition, Academic Challenge, and Athletics. Cadets will plan to include various activities to entertain cadets between competitions. Cadets will plan to serve breakfast and lunch.
Cadets and Corps to establish a AFJROTC Cheer Squad to promote team spirit and to perform as ambassadors in promoting AFJROTC. Cadets to design, fundraise and procure outfits. Cadets and Corps to establish a AFJROTC Choir and Dulce Dance troop to promote and celebrate cultural diversity within the high school and community.
Key Staff and Corps to submit a proposal to the Principal to revamp the Student Union lounge from a social hangout to a structured formalized forum to conduct peer mediation (student to student), peer on peer conflict resolution to include implementing strategies to address Anti Bullying and Dignity for All Students. This forum will serve cadets and the general high school population.
Key Staff and Corps to exercise political skills to secure a Chief Editor position on the Pow-Wow School news Paper and Year book Committees to document High School events and activities and to promote recruiting initiatives for AFJROTC. Key Staff and Corps to solicit and campaign local news and cable stations to high light AFJROTC activities.
Key Staff and Corps to initiate activities and fundraising campaigns throughout the school year to raise $8,000.00 to $10,000.00 for cadet selected charities and conduct fundraisers for college scholarships for the benefit of all Brentwood High School Seniors.
Cadets and Key Staff to further develop tutoring services and the Book Buddies program at the Brentwood Public Library. In addition, Key Staff and Corps to initiate a new program to promote Science ,Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)  in the community
Squadron Commanders
Alpha - Hotel

Elite Teams
OIC: Cadet Captain Angelith Usuga
NCOIC: Master Sergeant Alvaro Nunez
We are responsible to come up with the choreography, create the mix, decided and order the clothe for the preform, Write a monthly report of our club activities, organize the fundraising, manage the fundraising’s money and keep track of member attendance and school grades
Mission Statement
commadants call 1
Commadants call 2
commadants call
commadants call 2
Homecoming Parade
Dining In
Keep a winning streak in being Flight of the Quarter for the remaining of the school year
To take attendance of my squadron at events, along with my 1st Sgt.
Assist instructors and Wing Commander with any issues involving my squadron
Assist cadets with any issues they may be having
Inform them about important/ upcoming events, making sure they stay on task with what needs to be done
Keep the Deputy Group Commander and 1st Sgt. informed of my squadron through written reports
Improve cadets by keeping them under control, and updated about work that needs to be done. (Ex. Goals Project)
Keep them involved with events in and out of AFJROTC
Make sure they wear uniform at all times
Dining In
Goal One
Goal Two
Joint service endevour. Operations reveiced confirmation from 11 H.S.'s encompassing the Tri-State area. Due to weather conditions, 7 schools dropped out. The event included an oratorical, athletics and academics that showcased CPS. We also incorporated a Black Jack Drill competition consisiting of Black Jack cadets from particicpiating units.
Unique to the traditional AFJROTC units, Cheer is a part of the magic that makes this Unit so popular for recruiting. The activites are cadet inspired and driven. The cheer team has been showcased on MSG Varsity and News PIX 11. Dulce and Chior has become a favorite attraction for the American Legion and VFW Hospitals, as well as local community events
Goal Five
The cadets were key in assissting to help organzie as committe memebers, fundraise, and design and sell T-Shirt. Cadets co-sponsored the Gary Mintz Scholarship Journal, Pancake Breakfast, and Race. We have collected $14,000 in donations and still counting.
Goal Three
This have become part of a larger H.S. intiaitve wih the reduction of our H.S. counselors and is identified as a need by our H.S. principal. Our Squadron Commanders and 1st Sergeants were immediately ready to assist having previousley voluntered to receive peer mediation, conflict resolution, and DASA ( ) training.
Goal Four
Goal Six
This has been an effective strategy by our Key Staff to appoint these positions within our Corps and coordinate with these H.S. agencies to secure their positions. Our cadets have developed a relationship with the District Public Affairs Officer that has reaped huge benefits on taking our publicity to the next level in securing cable news and local newspaper coverage.
The Kitty Hawk cadets have been celebrated and recognized by Board of Education memebers, Legislature Monica Martinez, and Senator Zeldin through public comment and Unit recognition of our community service initiatives which include tutoring and Book Buddies at the Public Library. Our Unit has partnered with the H.S. Robotics Club and the Science Olympiads to expand STEM opportunites for our cadet. We have cadets in management as well as engineering whose efforts created a technological advanced robot to compete and various engineering models to compete at local competitions on Long Island.
We pass down information from key staff to our class.
We make sure to keep them informed on what’s going on.
I want them to find a reason to continue to stay in the core and become the leaders of tomorrow.
Next year they can put their leadership skills to the test and incorporate themselves to bettering the core.
I want the cadets in my squadron to aim at getting 85 or higher in there AFJROTC period.
Help to improve their appearance in all of their uniforms
Promote good values, and confidence
Maintain communication between the Wing Commander and the Squadron.
Brief my 1st Sgt on duties of being an OIC so that she will be successful in the future.
1st Sgt. Duties
Assist the Commanding Officer of the Squadron
Take command in the absence of the Commaning Officer
Shadow the Commanding Officer to ensure of being up to date with events and regulation
Peer mediate cadets and help with their problems outside of the core
Instilling discipline into the Squadron
1st Commadant's Call
2nd Commadant's Call
Dining -In
Homecoming Parade
Peer Mediate and help cadets with outside issues with training from Peer Mediation and Conflict Resolution
Commadant's Call
Commadant's Call
Training in Peer Mediation and Conflict Resoution
OIC Cadet Captain: Angelica Velasquez, Cheyla Martin, Iliana Velasquez, Daniel Moncada
NCOIC Cadet Msgt: Edward Shumski, Sean Lagrandier, Reshod Norri, Ivan Santos
Job Description
Assisting in the recipt and issue of unifrom items equipment and supplies
Assisting in maintaining supply records in accordance with AFJROTC WINGS Directives
Organizing and supervising the maintenace, repair, and cleaning of AFJROTC facilitties, unifroms, and equipment
Provide guidance to the cadet staff on proper supply discipline
WINGS data entry
WINGS Entry System
AFJROTC uses Wings to keep track of the total inventory and inventory available after uniforms are distributed
How We Enter Issued Uniform
When a cadet is issued a unifrom, they fill ot a unifrom sheet. If alterations are necessary, MSgt. Lochren fills out an alteration sheet, so the cadet can take it to the tailor
Unifrom Inventory
All Uniforms are accounted for
Due to frequent use, some uniforms no longer had tags with sizes.

Using a size chart, we were able to find the correct size
Shoes, Tie Tabs, and Ties are accounted for
Audio Visual
OIC Cadet Captain: Kenia Ramirez, Kassi Darsoo
NCOIC Cadet MSgt: Deborah Pelion, Esther Asiamah, Rosiri Garcia, Nelly Ortega
Keeps track of group events, activities and awards
Helps with the creation of the Senior Video
Sends pictures to School newspaper
OIC Cadet Captain: Edgar Gomez, Kallie Rae Jones, Kaitlin Gonzalez
NCOIC Cadet MSgt: Shiseido Robinson, Brenda Molina, Rayneri Ruiz, Lianna Ortiz
Obligations and Responsibilities
Health and Wellness
i) PT Self- Assessment
ii) Metrics
iii) CPR & AED Training
iv) Planning PT Events

Shuttle Run
Endurance run/walk
Right-angle Push-ups
V-Sit & reach

Gary Mintz 5k Scholarship Run

i) On Saturday 6 December 2014, we organized and ran the Gary Mintz 5k scholarship run. This event consisted of students from the entire high school along with outside runners as well.
IV. AFJROTC Extreme Games
i) On Friday 20 March 2015, we organized and directed the AFJROTC Extreme Games.
This event consisted of the following games:
This year we plan on having the Athletics staff members along with the Athletic coordinators receive a CRP and AED training. This will allow us to be CPR and AED certified.


Decorations and Awards
OIC Cadet Captain: Gianela Liendo, Chakira Starks
NCOIC Cadet MSgt: Cynthia Ayala, Zulma Sagastizado, Lesly Martinez
Computerized system that enables us to input ribbon data for all cadets.

Have been able to utilize this for Dress and Appearance Ribon.

Maintain the ribbons supply and organization
Maintain cadet ribbon and rank records (WINGS)

We place ribbons in their appropriate box, as well as ranks.
Dispose of broken metal security pins
In order to do this, for example:
Academic Ribbon – We were given a list of ASI, ASII
ASIII names who made it in the honor roll (85 or above)
Then, we highlighted the names of these cadets in order to input them into the WINGS system
After doing so, ribbon distribution would follow to those qualified cadets.

Maintaining Organization of Ribbon/ Rank Closet

Distribution of Ribbons
Cadets can earn the Dress and Appearance award by maintaining a 100 average on their uniform inspections each quarter

Hip hop
Square dance
We bake goods, and sell candy

The fundraising helps pay for our T-shirts, dresses, and flannels used during the performances

American legion
Martin Luther King jr
Extreme games
Freshman center
An 85 or better overall average
Attend to all practices
(if unable, must tell the OIC or NCOIC)

Dance Styles
OIC Cadet Captain Matthew Cortes
NCOIC Cadet Master Seargeant Angel Coronado
Job Description
Organizes, motivates, trains, and commands competitive color guards.
Ensures proper safety precautions during all color guards activities.
Ensures equipment is used properly and safely.
Tracks requirements for earning ribbons.
Appoints 2 rifles, a State and a American flag to perform color guards at various events such as parades, community activities and events, School events, and Drill team competitions.
Competition Color Guard

During a competition Color Guard, the color guard is given a list of commands that must be executed precisely.
There are borders that they must not touch.
Competition Color Guards are judged on the commanders voice, the groups bearing, and their precision and execution.
Color Guard Events

Uniondale Competition
- 3rd place armed color guard
Extra events Brentwood’s AFJROTC has done:
-The Nets Games
-Security conference
Multiple school events including:
-9/11 ceremony
-Homecoming parade and game
OIC Cadet Captain: Webpage: Michael Johnson Cyber Patriot: Evelyn Levine, WIlson Flores

NCOIC Cadet Master Sergeant Anthony Pestana
Junior Team
Thaddeus Herpershad
Jason Melgar
Camron Lezama
Nathan Hogan
Jake Moody
Caitlin Suarez

Senior Team
Michael Johnson
Wilson Flores
Evelyn Levine
Joshua Garcia
Anthony Pestana
Joshua Shannon

Each team consists of 6 members and 1-2 coaches
We have a senior and junior level team

Cyber Patriot Team

Evelyn Levine and Wilson Flores are the OIC’s of the Cyber Patriot team. We prepare our teammates for competition and makes sure everyone is involved in our competition.
Michael Johnson is the OIC for the Website and makes sure the website is up to date.
NCOIC Antony Pastana helps cadets out if they have questions and is going to learn how to update the website.
Cyber Security: Jobs

We compete for 6 hours, in that window we must score as many points as possible.
We go against teams from all around the country
Each round consist of preset images with many vulnerable places, which we find and fix to score points.
A special Cisco computer test for points.
In order to advance, our total scores most qualify against the other teams

Cyber Patriot Competition

Each image comes with issues and problems that we have to find and fix correctly.
We receive points depending on the difficulty of fixing the problem.
Points can be deducted if we do something wrong.

Cyber Patriot: Score Examples

Practice Round Oct. 8-22
Round 1 Oct. 24-26
Round 2 Nov. 14-16
State Rounds Dec. 5-7
Regional/Category Rounds Jan. 16-18
National Finals Competition Mar. 11-15

Cyber Patriot Rounds

Making it to the National Finals in Washington D.C.
Train our fellow teammates to one day be able to compete on their own

Secure networks, Secure Futures
Cyber Security: Goals

Commadant's Call
Takes pictures/videos at AFJROTC events such as:
Commandant’s Call
Parades (Homecoming, St. Patrick's Day, Memorial Day)
Drill Competitions
AFJROTC Extreme Games
Ceremonies (9/11, Tuskegee Airmen, Veterans, etc.)
AFJROTC Extreme Games 2015

Tuskegee Airmen Meet Up

Tie Dye Shirt Day

Science Olympiads Competition

Brentwood Drill Competion 2015

Designed Posters for Extreme Games
Designed Posters and Welcome Signs for our Drill Competition
Dedicated to celebrate Brentwood’s cultural diversity within JROTC
Assisted with Canned Food Drive
Unarmed Regulation
Unarmed Exhibition
Unarmed Inspection
Unarmed Color Guard
Unarmed Dual Exhibition
Armed Regulation
Armed Exhibition
Armed Inspection
Armed Color Guard
Armed Dual Exhibition
Unarmed & Armed Regulation includes a flight or platoon with 12 cadets and 1 captain.

Unarmed & Armed Regulation consists of a designated drill routine to be executed within the limits of the existing time and drill area.
Armed & Unarmed Regulation

A flight or platoon that contains 12 cadets and 1 captain.
Each Cadet is asked a series of question involving AFJROTC, other branches, basic knowledge and government official questions.
The flight or platoon must stand in the position of attention for 5-10 minutes while the judges inspects each cadet.
Armed & Unarmed Inspection
Armed Exhibition consists of 9-15 cadets.
Exhibition routines consists of marching drill movements as well as trick maneuvers that are limited by the imagination and creativity of the drill unit.
Armed Exhibition
Unarmed Exhibition consists of 9-15 cadets.
Exhibition routines consists of marching drill movements as well as trick maneuvers that are limited by the imagination and creativity of the drill unit
Unarmed Exhibition
Black Jacks
Commander: Cadet Captain Jessica Mendez
To set an example and main the foundation for Blackjacks.

Prepare for Brentwood Drill Team competition.
Recruit more members into the society.
Set a foundation for future Blackjacks member.

Must be a Drill Team member.
Maintain a 90 average or above throughout each marking period.

To promote and recruit new Blackjacks member and
to make sure new and current members maintain there academics in school.
Check logistics, cords, and inform cadets important information from instructors and Paul Farinella.
Received 2nd place in unarmed regulation.
Inducted 17 cadets into the Blackjack Honor Society.
Demonstrated requirements for future leaders in this society by setting an example of how I communicated with MSgt. Perez and Paul Farinella about Blackjack members.
Briefing Team
OIC: Cadet Captain Angleica Santana
Cadet Captain Edgar Gomez
Cadet Captain Kallie Rae Jones
Participation for Marking Periods 1 & 2
Overall Female Score for Marking Period 1 & 2
Overall Male Score for Marking Period 1 & 2
Overclass Score for Marking Period 1 & 2
Well as you can see Alpha flight has increased in a total of 7.5% in overall scoring from warrior week to second marking period which is pretty impressive. Its good to see progress now its time to keep progressing not just in pt but for life, working out can keep your body healthy and in shape.

Cadet Master Sergeant Natasha Lopez
Cadet Master Sergeant Angel Ramos
Participation for Marking Periods 1 & 2
Well as you can see Echo flight has had 100% participation which is a major goal completed because of the large amount of students involved in this flight. Overall most cadets have improved and excelled through out their physical training and have shown impressive results by each warrior week and assessment. Of course we continue to have new goals, in this case would be to grow as a core and improve not just our scores but of course our health and assist each other anyway we can.


The Brentwood AFJROTC Health and Wellness program has expanded in the past 2 years and is very crucial in the success of every cadet in the program. As Athletic coordinators, it is our duty in the unit to assist cadets with keeping track of their scores during Warrior week, as well as their PT self Assessments, which make up a very valuable percentage of every cadet’s grade in this course and to make sure that each cadet reaches ROTC fitness standards, and ultimately maintain a healthy and active lifestyle, We also compete in Athletic competitions against other ROTC units from all across Long Island and the Tri-state region.

About:Health and Wellness

About Health and Wellness
Cadet Azzopardi
Cadet Blanco
In this Unit, we are tested in a variety of exercises which tests us physically, and requires all muscle groups in order to stay healthy. We do push ups and chin ups for strength training, crunches for Abdominal strength, shuttle and mile run for cardiovascular endurance, and the V-sit and reach for flexibility.
The Work Outs
The overall class percentile:
Weak spots: I believe the girls would need to work hard in training for upper body strength for example the pull ups. Also the boys in flexibility in reaching a far distance. Having great health and training would get to your greatest ability.
Strong points: girls are average with their curl ups as is the boys also in speed. Running more and more each day will result in better timing. Its all about beating the clock.


Prepare 3 select members for an effective execution of the American Legion’s Oratorical District Competition.

The American Legion’s Oratorical Competition is where 3 members of our team give an 8-10 minute prepared oration on some aspect of the Constitution, with emphasis on a citizen’s duties and obligations to our government. Orations are encourage to have patriotic resonance and to promote internal efficacy. Members are judged individually against 5 other competitors. This is not a “team” competition.
All briefing team members are required to complete this prepared oration and submit it to the officers. All speeches are then considered for competition.
Cadets are selected to compete based on academic achievement, coherence of speech, and content of prepared oration. Selection is subject to the discretion of MSgt Richard Lochren, the briefing team advisor.
This competition is not exclusive to AFJROTC members and is open to all schools in Suffolk County. However, all students who compete on behalf of Brentwood High School are members of the NY-773 Briefing Team, as this is our specialty.


Organize an appealing presentation for potential recruits from the freshman campus of Brentwood.

Cadets who show excellent leadership and public speaking skills are selected to recruit members for our unit from the Brentwood High School Freshman Center. The group consists of Briefing Team members, as well as Drill Team members. Briefing Team members are responsible for putting the AFJROTC experience into words and capturing the essence of what it truly means to be a Fighting Falcon.


Monitor elite team eligibility of all briefing team members.

All members who participate in elite team competitions are expected to uphold our core values to their highest standard. This means integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do.

Members are to report their grades to the officers at the culmination of each marking period. Their grades must add up to an overall average of 85 or higher. Failure maintain this standard will result in a probation period during which the cadet’s academic progression will be closely monitored until he/she meets the minimum average requirement. Cadets who fail to improve grades will be prohibited from participating in Briefing Team competitions.
Kitty Hawk
Air Society
President- Gianela Liendo
Vice President- Yasin Perez
Secretary- Michael Johnson
Treasurer- Joshua Garcia
Historian- Angelith Usuga
Parliamentarian- Ashley Rivera
The foundation of discipline, leadership, character, service , and scholarship
Members were able to bring in their homemade cupcakes and we were able to sell 49 cupcakes in total during Extreme Games in Concession Stand.

Brentwood Drill Competition
Academic team came in 2nd place
Our academic team was able to become the only team in NY to successfully make it to level II in the JROTC Academic Bowl Team

Financial Duties
Principal Office Maintains Student Activity Account
Original reciepts are submitted and kept on file
Withdrawls requires Instructor and Treasurer's signature with reciepts and invoices
Budget Note
$5280.00 is the $20 collections in the start of the year that is used to help fix any isues with uniforms, for the unit/ cadet pictures, and to help kickstart the student activity account
Detailed Budget
Attendace for All Mandatory Events
Attendance for All Events
American Legion Oratorical

Freshman Center Recruiting

NCOIC: Cadet MSgt Reyna Vasquez
NCOIC: Cadet MSgt Leslie Morales
Company B-8 Brentwood AFJROTC, established by LTC Paul Farinella, is one of only 2 honor units actively established on Long Island.
Blackjacks is essentially an exclusive honor unit established within our main unit. We selectively induct members based on their immense passion and dedication to drill team, along with other requirements.
Blackjacks follow the National Society of Pershing Rifles traits of outstanding traits of leadership, military science, military bearing, and discipline in the framework of a military oriented, fraternal organization.
Christian Dominguez, Jessi Dominguez, and Zoilo Estevez were our unit’s Blackjack pioneers in 2012 as the first inductees.
What is Blackjacks?

Unit Events

Brentwood HS Senior Departmental Awards Night

Brentwood High School Leadership Night SY14/15

Brentwood HS Soph/Juniors Awards Night SY14/15

Brentwood Winter/Spring Concert 2015

Brentwood HS National Honor Society Induction

Brentwood HS Scholarship 2015

Brentwood HS Perfect Attendance Ceremony

Brentwood HS Graduation Ceremony 2015

Spring Concert Sondo-2015
NY-773 Kitty Hawk Induction

Keep Islip Clean 2015

Spring American Red Cross Blood Drive Brentwood HS

Buffalo Wild Wings Team Building
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