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Barbara Maestas

on 17 April 2018

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Transcript of Assessment

What purposes do assessments serve?
criterion-referenced grading
achievement of specific skills or concepts

Criterion or Norm-Referenced
Peggy's reading comprehension score far exceeds the national
average for her age group.
Using achievement test scores to predict future performance.
norm-referenced grading
rank student achievement compared to others

Using an instructional interview to select student workers.
Using a checklist to select the lead in the school play.
Submitting examples of work, including letters of recommendation.
Is this
Jack got 9 out of 10 throws in the basketball hoop.
Ms. Duplessey's morning French class has a higher average achievement score than the afternoon class.
Franklin can type 45 words
per minute.
Basketball team won
league championship.
Hamako can recite every line of the Gettysburg Address with no errors.
Is this
Beginning of school year
Teacher given information about students with special needs Note about each child made on seating chart
Ms. Woodchuck curious about students' learning styles
Tracks student participation during class discussions
Check mark next student's name on seating chart each time student volunteers answer
Unit test returned to students in math class
Many did well
Those who did not do well provided extra study session and opportunity to re-take the test.
Beliefs About
Each student received a “D” in English on report card. Read each description and decide if you would have given the student a “D” for the reasons given.
John is not very bright. He tries hard but barely has enough ability to get by in school.
Fred is bright but he lazy. He knows when he has done enough to earn a "D" and then quits working.
Ben doing far below passing work in English. Failed the course last year. School policy states no student shall fail the same course more than once.
Mac does "A" or "B" work when in school but is
absent so much that he barely makes a "D."
As a teacher you will make judgments about the overall, as well as the specific, aptitudes of students. Develop a
behavioral characteristics
that, when taken together, may indicate
below-average, average
, and
above- average
aptitude for learning at the grade level you intend to teach.

What is the Most Effective Assessment Technique?
There are many different types of classroom assessment. The most commonly
used assessments include written tests and performance tests. Written tests
typically test a person’s acquired knowledge and skills while performance tests
measure a person’s ability to use his/her knowledge and skills to solve problems
or create products. Both approaches have their advocates and their critics.
8th Grade Graduation Exam: Salina, KS (1895)
World's Easiest Quiz
formative assessment:

assessment FOR learning

check understanding along the way
guide teacher decision making
summative assessment
assessment OF learning

students meeting standards?
assign grade
Multiple Choice
Three Parts
: states the question

Two parts:
1. statement with blank
2. blank for answer
know correct answer
cannot guess from list of possible answers
tests recall, not recognition
measures performance, behavior, or quality
Summative Assessment
Formative Assessment
Create test questions

multiple choice
, and


for the following objective:
The student will be able to list, in order, the steps involved in brushing teeth.
The World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookie
World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookie, Part 2
Each bag has 5 different brands
of chocolate chip cookies
Now, trade your scoring rubric with another group.
: any sentence that can be said to be true or false
easy to understand
less dependent on reading ability
useful in testing misconceptions
Formative and Summative Assessment
how much
how well
students have learned

placing value on performance
Grade Curve Calculator
: http://www.calcunation.com/calculators/miscellaneous/bell-curve-grade.php
normal distribution =
majority as "average" (C);
equal number of D and B
equal number of F and A


score = "A"
all other grades determined by new "highest" numeric score
highest number score of 48/63 now becomes 43/43
: answer/response choices
: incorrect options
uses a range to rate performance
contains specific performance characteristics
Examine the cookies.
Brainstorm the characteristics for each

descriptive category
(texture, taste,
# chips, pliability, size of cookie)

descriptive level
(exceptional, very good,
satisfactory, nearly meets, weak)
With the new bag of chocolate chip cookies, evaluate the cookies according to the rubric that has been given to your group.
Examples of Criterion-Referenced Assessment
online class
: https://howardcc.instructure.com/courses/875969/discussion_topics/2240805
online class:
Norm Referenced Assessment
Side 1: Written tests are more effective than performance tests. Written tests are efficient. They take less time for students to take, meaning there is more time for learning. In addition, they are easy to score and the scoring is both reliable and valid.

Side 2: Performance tests are more effective than written tests. Performance tests emphasize active responding by students; they
test the process as well as the product. Also, they are more likely to approximate everyday tasks; typically, there is a close relationship between teaching and testing.
What is your position? Support your position.
Explanation of norm-referenced grading system
arranged in levels indicating degree to
which a standard has been met

online class:
online class
collecting information about performance
Types of Written Tests
How will a
student act?
How will an
student act?
How will an
student act?
Review your list of behavioral characteristics.
Choose one characteristic for each group.
behavioral characteristic
best describes
a student in that group?
Write the
one word
group of words
on a sticky note. Place in the appropriate category on the board.
above average
below average
based entirely on learning or skill level of individual
determine how students are doing in comparison to a similar group
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