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The Biomechanics of badminton

No description

Craig Harrison

on 14 June 2011

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Transcript of The Biomechanics of badminton

The Biomechanics
of Badminton The badminton jump smash is an advanced technique in which the athlete jumps as high as possible prior to completing the overhead smash shot. The shuttle is hit with great power and speed in a downwards trajectory into the opponent's court.

The shuttle should be contacted at the highest possible point in front of your head and with the racquet head angled to allow the sharpest trajectory to the opponents side of the court.

The speed and trajectory of the shot are the reasons why this is one of the best ways to end the rally and win the point. THE END Centre of Gravity rises
as the player jumps Wide and stable base
of support prior to jump The Subroutines
of the Jump Smash. Please watch the
following Xtranormal
movie to learn more... The Objective
of the Skill...... Biomechanical Movement Patterns The Badminton Smash
incorporates the following
Movement Patterns Running
Jumping, and
Striking Video of my
Badminton Smash
technique The Biomechanical
problems with my
Jump Smash 1. Lack of stability prior to the jump.
2. Poor footwork /preparation for jump.
3. Insufficient height in the jump.
4. Incorrect racquet head angle to
achieve the downwards trajectory. The shot that I have
chosento investigate
is the ................. JUMP
SMASH View the following video
of an autonomous stage
performer to observe a
biomechanically correct
technique. Correct racquet head angle
to achieve required trajectory to kill the point Correct grippy footware
to achieve balance and
stability By Connor Harrison. http://www.health.medicbd.com/library/video_play/cIYbsGYT4m4/Lin_Dan_Slow_Motion_Jump_Smash http://www.health.medicbd.com/library/video_play/V0busSiBjS4/Lin_Dan_smashing Skill Phases of
all Striking Skills 1. Preparation Phase
2. Backswing
3. Forward swing
4. Impact
5. Follow through 303 km/h BIBLIOGRAPHY

Amezdroz, G. et al. Queensland Senior Physical Education: 3rd Edition 2010. Macmillan, South Yarra.



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5r590F7mRTw&feature=player_embedded 5. Lack of timing and sequencing
(poor force summation)
6. Racquet arm is not fully extended
(reduced leverage, moment arm)
7. Heavy steel racquet (too much flex) Correct timing and sequence Knee bend and strong jump Full extension of arm for leverage Discussion of biomechanical
principles and justification
of modifications Recommended Drills
to Improve my
Jump Smash In conclusion I hope to be
playing the Jump Smash at 305km
just like in the next video. Balance Momentum Moment Arm Leverage Levers Force
Summation Action and
Reaction Jump Smash
Drills cont. This will be my
Jump Smash
next year!! Babminton
Promo Video
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