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Kuru and Cannibalism

a slideshow on what Kuru is and how it is related to Cannibalism.

Trevor Marsden

on 24 May 2011

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Transcript of Kuru and Cannibalism

Kuru and Cannibalism Symptoms At First
Light Shaking Later
Severe Shaking
Unable to communicate
Unable to eat
Death Artist's rendition of Cannibalism By: Trevor Marsden and Abbey Hickmann This is a kid This is a female Dead Warrior Causes The main cause of Kuru is the act of cannibalism. Kuru is primarily blamed on sorcery by the villagers and if a person in one village dies on Kuru then that village attacks a nearby village in order to get "revenge". Once this fighting has begun between the two villages, the dead warriors are eaten by the women and children in the immediate family. This is why the majority of the Kuru cases are found in women and children. Experiments Micheal Alpers, a medical researcher, performed a miraculous experiment to determine if the disease was transmissable between humans and animals. If it was, then they would have discovered an entirly new disease never before known. Alpers first tracked the whole duration of Kuru through an 11 year old named Kigea. Once she died, the researchers took samples of her brain and spinal tissue. They inserted these samples into 2 chimpanzees named Daisy and Georgette. They soon became affected with Kuru and died. Since Kuru is a whole different type of disease, it has an unsually long incubation period measured in years. This experiment could have taken up to ten years just to see the symptoms. Similarities These symptoms have been found in Mad Cow Disease and the "trembling sheep" disease. Both of these diseases cause the afflicted animal to shake and becomed pain. Kuru is one of the few diseases that can be transmitted from animals so humans. The experiment proved that Kuru and Mad Cow disease are close relatives and might even be the same thing. Why is this important??? We beleive that this is important because it shows the link between Kuru and Mad Cow disease. Since both Kuru and MCD(^) are both transmitted through the digestion of diseased brain and spinal tissues, the disease can be spread to nearly anyone that eats beef. We also just thought that Kuru was really interesting.
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