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All about me Presentation

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Garrett Braun

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of All about me Presentation

All About Me
Designed by Garrett Braun
I used to race go-karts at road America for 3 years

I also played football for chiefs 5th and 6th grade and I now play Washington

Favorite Movies
My Favorite Movies would be Days of Thunder and Midway.

Favorite Sports
My Favorite Football team is the Green bay Packers.
My Favorite Basketball team is the New York Knicks.
My Favorite Hockey Team would be the New York Rangers.

What I'm like now
Today I go to Washington Jr High

I play football for Washington as one of receivers.

During summer I work for my dad everyday at his excavating business and I work on my neighbors farm.

My Favorite Game system would be the Ps3
My Favorite Game would be NASCAR racing 2003 season for the PC
I also like old cars and sports

My Family
My Family members are
My Dad, Bob
My Mom, Laurie
My Sister, Lainey

My Cottage
We have a cabin up north and we go boating and skiing up there year round.

Job in the future
Jobs I may have in the future are....
Continuing my dads excavation business
Possibly joining the Armed Forces
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