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2017 Optical Illusions

No description

Maureen Bevis

on 12 June 2017

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Transcript of 2017 Optical Illusions

How can we create an optical illusion? Can we trick our brain to see something else that wasn't actually there?
card stock
hole puncher
circular lid
Everyone believed we COULD trick our brains like magicians.
Optical Illusions
The team
Step 1
take one piece of card stock and fold it in half like a card.
Step 2

trace the circular lid with the pencils
Step 3
Keep the paper folded and cut out the circle. You should have two circles the same size.
Step 4

think of a picture to draw
Step 5

Draw one part of the the picture on each circle.
For example: Rachel drew a lady on one circle and a store on the other circle.
Step 6

color brightly and neatly
Step 7

We had to glue our circles back-to- back. We had to make sure that we flipped one circle so one picture faced upward and the other downward.
Optical Illusions
Isaiah: A football into a field goal.

Rachel: A person going into a store.

Gabi: A dog laying next to a doghouse.

Sianna: A door on a house.

Dayonna: A basketball going into a net.

Kymiha: A fish in a bowl

Bella: A dancer on a stage.

Ah'Kir: A lion chasing a zebra.

Gionna: A cat in a tree.
Step 8:
Punch holes on opposite sides of the circle, cut two pieces of yarn, tie one piece of string through each hole, and tie a knot in each end.
Step 9:
We spun our pictures tightly. Then we let go and watched our pictures spin.
Kymiha: fish was in the water

Isaiah: the football went in the middle just over the bar

Rachel: a woman is walking in on the right side of the store

Sianni: the door is on the house

Gabi: the dog was walking toward the house

Dayonna: the basketball hit the backboard

Gionna: the cat was stuck in the tree

Bella: the dancer is on center stage doing a split.

Ah'Kir: Lion caught the zebra
You CAN trick your brain.
When you spin the disk slowly, you see both images because your brain can process the information.
However, when the disk spins faster, your brain creates one image!
Thank you!
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