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Getting Things Done

Knowledge Transfer Presentation

Kathleen Romig

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Getting Things Done

A Brief Overview Getting Things Done Capture everything Get it out of your head and into a trusted system Act on it 2 minute rule
Prioritize based on context, time, and resources Organize it Action list
Project lists
Waiting-for list
Someday/maybe list
Inbox (to zero!)
Reading file
Calendar Review it Daily scan of your (clean!) inbox, action items, calendar
Weekly review Weekly Review Collect loose papers and materials
Get "in" to zero
Empty your head
Review action lists
Review previous & upcoming calendar
Review waiting-for list
Review project lists
Review any relevant checklists (e.g., leave tracker)
Review someday/maybe list
Be creative & courageous Capture everything Start with a "core dump"
Write down everything: don't censor, organize, or analyze
Places to look: notes, desk, e-mail, post-its, calendar Inbox to zero Reading file Can be paper or digital
Grab and go for Metro/shuttle rides, work at home, down time between meetings, or other pockets of time At least once a week, get inbox to zero
Organize your e-mails:
Delete! When it doubt, throw it out.
Act on them (2 minute rule)
Distill action items and add them to list
Archive (can use "action" and "waiting for" folders in addition to reference folders) Action list Action = The very next physical action for each commitment Project lists Project = Any commitment requiring multiple steps Waiting-for list Anything you need from someone else
Note the date requested/due E-mail inbox (to zero!) For more information . . . www.davidco.com (includes free downloads)
Getting Things Done book
Ask me Calendar Record only things that happen ON that day, not BY that day (those go on your action or project lists)
I also note my leave for the day (+1/2 CR, for example)
Policy brief = print and read MINT output for HI option
Legis Team meeting = send Outlook invitation
Call Rene = review minutes and jot down Qs for Rene
Min ben = nothing (more on that later . . . )
Signal & Noise = read HI policy brief (3/1)
Legis Team
Min ben review (~2/1)
Book club (meeting 2/27)
RET paper Revised min ben draft (promised 1/16)
Jennifer on RET numbers (8/20, 11/30) HI policy brief
Legis Team meeting
Call Rene
Min ben review
The Signal & the Noise
RET paper
Training Paper on spouse benefits
Policy in Action
Tufte class
Present paper at APPAM Someday/Maybe list Things you want to to, assuming no constraints (time, money, etc.)
Wish list, goals, dormant projects: a catchall
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