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Skydive in sky

No description

lis lab3

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of Skydive in sky

Skydive in sky By o
Famous Vocabulary
by Brandon bridges
One of the famous sky diving player are Don Keller
He broke a lot of base jump record
Record for the most parachute jump ever
He was said to be the best skydiver ever and most experienced skydiver ever
Don Keller was a good skydiver
Here is some words you might not Know Base jump it means to jump off of a platform like a mountain, bounce means to land at an unsurvivable speed without a parachute, Accuracy means to try to do what you want at the most right point of something like a bullzseye you want to aim for the middle , diver means to dive out the plane or helicopter in formation, And dirt diver means to rehearse a skydive on the ground.

Where When how
it started
sky diving
Sky diving started in China, Chinese people base jumped off of mountains and used parachute that are shaped in a pyramid.
The sport Skydiving began in 1100

Brandon-sky diving started because
they needed people to do sneak attack
on people and assassinated in the air because
back then people did not think of people flying
or maybe for religious reasons.
thanks for watching Peace
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