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Pay It Forward

No description

Vannesa Barra

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Pay It Forward

Pay It Forward
What do you think it means to ' pay it forward '?
Newspaper Article
It all starts with the new social studies teacher's extra-credit assignment: come up with a plan to change the world and do it. Trevor begins his project with an idea called "pay it forward"; where he would do something good for three people. But instead of paying him back, he would ask them to "pay it forward" by doing a favor for three more people,who would in turn help three others, and so on. Meanwhile Trevor's mom-Arlene-is trying cope with being a single mom and having to work two jobs to try and pay off a truck Trevor's father-Ricky- left her when he walked out on them. Trevor makes friends with his teacher-Reuben St.Clair- who he decides is one of the people he wants to pay forward to; by trying to hook Reuben up with Arlene. For now though Trevor starts his plan with a homeless man named Jerry by giving him money and a place to stay.
Starting Incident
Rising Action
The Climax
Falling Action
By: Catherine Ryan Hyde
Trevor McKinney
Reuben St.Clair
Arlene McKinney
A 12 year old boy who created the movement "Pay It Forward." He is very giving and humble boy; always thoughtful with an open mind. His views on the world are still very innocent since he is still young.He always believes in the goodness of human nature, even when his idea was met with high criticism and scorn by his classmates. But even when his plans seemed to go wrong, he knew that his idea could really have helped the world. When he and his idea gets praise and fame he just acts like himself and says that anyone could have thought of the idea. He ties the hole story together.
Is Trevor's social studies teacher and Arlene' love interest. Depicted as a black man with old scars covering one half of his body, from when he served as a veteran in Vietnam. He came up with the assignment to come up with a plan to change the world. Because of his scars he is closed off, not wanting to feel different. In the beginning the only person he ever felt comfortable being around was Trevor. Because Trevor never treated him any different and how he was never one to beat around the bush. Later he develops a relationship with Arlene; which at first he had no interest in being with, but once he had stopped pushing her away because of his fear he fell in love with her.
The End
Do you think that Trevor's idea was realistic? Or that it would actually work in our own world?
Trevor dies the next morning. In her grief stricken state, Chris convinces Arlene to make an announcement about the memorial and the candle walk at City Hall that is going to happen that weekend for Trevor. Over twenty thousand people try to come to the memorial shocking Arlene and Reuben. When having to make a speech for everyone there Reuben asks them what made them all cared so much. Talking about Trevor, and his idea, and how if Trevor touched their lives so much then maybe they need to pay it forward. On the candle walk every single person said "I will."
Arlene is Trevor's single mom and Reuben's love interest. She is stubborn and desperate, with a poor decisions in men; but she is also a very caring and protective mother. She worries that Trevor will be disappointed if his idea doesn't work and always worries where he is when she is working. When Trevor's dad-Ricky-left she had to work two jobs to pay off a truck he left. She has this idea that he will come back. When Arlene met Reuben she just wanted him for pleasure and so she wouldn't be lonely. She thought that he just wanted the same thing, like any other man she had dated. However when they start dating she realizes Reuben is not like any of those other man and falls in love with him, though is too stubborn to admit it. Another fact would be that Arlene finds that Reuben and other people look down on her because she is not as smart, and that he is too quick for her.
Arlene being mad that there is a homeless man in her house goes to Trevor's teacher about the project, only to find out he doesn't know anything about it like her.Trevor's plans starts to go wrong when he finds out that Jerry got arrested and sent to jail. Later when he chooses to help a lady named Mrs.Greenberg by tending her garden she ends up dying. However this doesn't stop him from taking care of the garden or from trying to continue his project. Trevor continues to try and bring Reuben and Arlene together; resulting them in going on a date even though Reuben doesn't really want to. Arlene talks to her friend Loretta about Reuben and that their relationship is going nowhere. Though Arlene doesn't really mind since she is just lonely and does it for pleasure, and that she is waiting for Ricky to back.
It turns out though that the woman-Mrs. Greensberg- did pay it forward to three people before she died. Meanwhile Trevor is presenting his idea to his class which was met with a lot of bad judgement by his classmates. Meantime Jerry- who lives in another state now- stops a girl named Charlotte from jumping off a bridge and tells her to pay it forward. Then a man named Sidney gets saved by Matt-one of the people Mrs. Greenberg paid it forward to- from getting beat up and is told to pay it forward also. Arlene and Reuben have an on/off relationship where they actually start to develop feelings for each other; helping Arlene get over the fact that Ricky isn't coming home.It ends up getting so serious that Reuben proposes to her and they get engaged. Trevor-even though he plan didn't work- is happy that he at least helped Reuben.
Ricky ends up coming back. Arlene who is confused chooses to take him back, ending the engagement with Reuben. Meanwhile Chris Chandler- a reporter- catches wind of these random acts of kindness and tries to find the person who came up with "the movement." Reuben-now heartbroken- avoids Arlene at all costs. Slowly, Arlene starts to realize what a big mistake she has made. It isn't until Arlene finds out that Ricky really hasn't changed from before, that she decides to kick him out. However, this doesn't re patch her and Reuben's relationship since he seems unable to forgive her. Meantime Chris heads out to Atascadero on a lead to where the movement started.Trevor goes to Reuben wondering if he was still going to pay it forward and that there is something his mom needs that only Reuben can do. And that is give her another chance. He refuses though saying that he can't.
Chris finally finds Trevor by going to his school one day telling him about his movement and how he wants to do a story on Trevor. This ends up with Trevor getting the Citizen of the Month award and a chance to meet with the president. Trevor, along with his mom and Reuben go to Washington where they go on a tour around the city. That is when Reuben decides that his love for Arlene was just way too deep and takes her back. After the meet with the president, Trevor deems it the best day ever and says that he only just needs to help one more person since he failed with Jerry. Meanwhile a by named Gordie and his boyfriend are being mugged and beaten to death. Trevor sees them and runs to try and help them. Reuben runs after to try and stop him; only to see Trevor get stabbed. Trevor is rushed to the hospital in critical condition.
Talks about the events that happen at the end of the falling action and through the entirety of the conclusion. As it goes into some details about Trevor's death; the main focus being on the day of the memorial and the speech Reuben had made about Trevor's idea, how it was perceived, and what the people could do to about it. Many of thousands of people from around the world ended up coming to the memorial to honor Trevor's death on that weekend. As the candlelight march begins and ends everyone there had said 'I will' to paying it forward.
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