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American Indians of Texas

The tribes and major culture groups of American In dians in Texas

Dennis Dietz

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of American Indians of Texas

Tribes – Karankawa & Coahuiltecan
Housing – campsites
Food Sources – fishing, hunting, and some gathering
Daily Life – nomads, women ran the villages
Religions & Customs – children have two names, feast/dance celebrations, shaman’s


Culture –
a learned system or way of survival with shared beliefs, traits, and values.
– a practice common to many or to a particular place or class
– an inherited, established, or customary pattern of thought, action, or behavior.
– a social group comprising numerous families, clans, or generations together.
Tribes- Caddo, Wichita, Atakapa
Housing – dome homes, beehive homes, straw, poles, and mud structures
Food Sources – farming, hunting, and fishing
Daily Life – men and women farmed together, painted their bodies
Religions & Customs – very religious society
Tribes – Jumanos & Tiguas
Housing – adobe (mud, grass, ashes formed into bricks and dried in the sun)
Food Sources – hunt, gather, and limited farming
Daily Life – expert with animal hides, traded goods with other tribes
Religions & Customs – religious ceremonies to celebrate important events
Tribes – Tonkawa, Apache, Comanche, & Kiowa
 Housing – animal skin teepee
 Food Sources – hunting and gathering
 Daily Life – paint their bodies, skilled fighters, Apaches raid others for what they need
 Religions & Customs – Comanche have two chiefs: war chief and a peace chief
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