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Etwinning Project

No description

Aneta Nedelcu

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Etwinning Project

Aleyna is a student in Erzurum, Turkey. She has brown and beautiful long hair. Her smile is large, so that makes me think she is an optimistic person. She says she is persistent, judger and peaceful and these will help her because she wants to be a lawyer. She is toughtful and talkative, but also curious. Speaking of that, she likes to go to the library and she describes herself as a bookworm. She is playing the guitar and she loves music, especially the boy-band One Direction. I think she is really cool.
Elif is very beautiful, she has a big smile, making her look like an optimistic and happy person. She is a dreamer and a soulful and I think both of them are making her a good writer. She loves to sleep and to scroll on tumblr, but she is also a booklover and she listens to music often. Elif loves to watch TV series and to be friendly. These are making her the valorous teenager of the world.
Ruveyda Yazici is a crazy person, always candid. Like every other person she loves doing things on purpose, she is full of energy and aims the level what she wants to get. She is lucky and that’s giving her the sensation of mirth, loves dark and serene, because she is deep.
Fulden is a friendly, sociable and talented girl. She plays tennis, she relaxes by watching movies and listening to rap music. She likes to eat, especially chocolate.
She is an emotional girl, although she likes to have fun with her friends.

He seems like a sociable and mature boy with a passion for football. He is also dedicated to his family and friends. He also likes literature and history, mostly history about his country, Turkey. He represents the kind of person that is happy and cheerful all the time, while he is honest and hardworking. Being patient also constitutes an important quality since it is hard to find it this days, among the others.
Even that we all are different, it doesn't matter, because that is the beauty of this world.
Etwinning Project
Esra is a coquette girl who likes to be always in step with fashion, is ambitious and she likes sports, especially volleyball and dance.
Her moral values are love for family and friends, being confident in her own person and I see that she is an emotional person.
I think that Esra is a friendly girl , full of energy who likes to have fun and to spend as much time with her friends.

Suheda Ekinci seems positive, being positive reflects her cuteness. She likes listening to music and playing violin in spare time. She is thoughtful with everything that’s why she is effective in her job. She loves to be zealous and confused sometimes , that’s making her zany.
The first thing that I see when I look at Hakan’s words is the contrast between 3 of them: gamer, bookworm and archery. From this I can see that he is a pretty balanced person. He plays on PC and likes to learn but at the same time he is doing archery. He is a responsible. He has leadership qualities: he is realistic and supports the justice. The last aspect wold be that he likes to be a regular teenager too: he listens to music, sleeps a lot and he could be described with one more beautiful word- love!
She is a young and pretty girl, as she describes herself. Even if she is modest, she can’t miss that she is smart and sweet. She likes to get the most out of her teenage years by being cheerful, happy and, of course, patriotic!
Tuba Kukara is a young full of life girl. She is a person that likes animals and also likes to be in step with fashion. I belive that she wants to become a lawyer, having attributes that will help her in the career: being helpful, listener and talkative. She likes to read books, most probably she is a romantic person because she likes literature and the autumn blue color.
Ayse Dursun is a student that likes compassion and chocolate. She is a person that likes to smile and she gets excited easy. She is funny, peaceful, talkative and bookaholic. She sometimes may be lazy and a sleepwalker, but she is very polite.
Thank you for letting us to discover a little part of you! We did our best to put your word-cloud in a description. Hope you like it!
Maybe one day we will meet!
Have a good life!
Romanian Team

Rumeysa is the “always smiling” kind of girl. She is optimistic, colorful, cheerful and a true vegetarian. Even though she can’t a piece of chocolate from time to time, she has a very healthy life: she plays tennis, is a vegetarian, and keeps all the problems away from her by being a calm person.

Though she is childish sometimes, it may be a good thing since being childlish also means having fun all the time and laughing everytime something bad happens, not being discouraged by the trials of life. Respectful and optimistic are pretty good things to have in mind when it comes to doing a project. She is also cheerful and social all the time, making her a very friendly person.
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