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The Terrace reflects on "Creating Shared Value"

Creating Shared Value

The Terrace

on 24 February 2011

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Transcript of The Terrace reflects on "Creating Shared Value"

sustainable strategies: meaningful organizations We read an article We loved it! We suggest that you buy this magazine
and turn to page 62... Or if you don't feel like reading a
20 page academic article... The article:
Creating Shared Value.
By Michael Porter
& Mark Kramer
Harvard Business Review
January-February 2011 Moving from
social responsibility

shared value. Creating economic value
while also addressing the
needs & challenges of society. So that we have this
in our future. And them. And her. How can my company
realize shared value? 1| Reconceiving products & markets. 2| Redefining productivity. (rethinking how &
where we do business) (understanding
the value chain by
considering society and the
environment) While still making this. € innovative products
rethinking markets
new consumers
new markets
new revenue streams
new ways of adding value holistic view of the supply chain
addressing sustainability issues
minimizing resources used
minimizing costs
maximizing productivity
bringing value into the supply chain Dutch companies are making this happen. Something that organizations are using to achieve this is ISO 26000, the international guidance on social responsibility. 3| Local cluster development. (working to
create an enabling
environment.) working with other organizations
(NGO's, governments, other companies)
growing infrastructure
accessing new consumers
investing in your workforce of tomorrow
forging partnerships for future cooperations
bringing value to your company
& the surrounding communities Dutch organizations are
working together
to make big changes.

A great example from
the Netherlands is ... Last but not least... (We like to keep things simple.) Some other final tips from the article... See shared value as a
core business driver. There is no one size fits all.
Unique companies
Unique approaches. (At The Terrace we call this tailor-made solutions and it is a driving philosophy for us. ) (We firmly believe in authenticity at
The Terrace.) And an extra tip from us... Sustainability is a process.
(One step at a time.) ... just keep clicking. (It'll look like this.) We love that companies are thinking of new ways of doing things. Want to learn more about the article? Have 6 minutes to spare?
Watch this: What else? A great
example is...
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