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medal of honor recipitents

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lib hist

on 16 September 2015

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Transcript of medal of honor recipitents

medal of honor recipients
by Marcus Forbes

William Harvey carney
carney was born a slave in Virginia no one is sure how he made his escape the say he escape through the underground railroad he then met up with his father in Massachusetts and volunteer in the infirmary as a Sargent he also took place in the assault on fort Wagner and finally ultimately earn the medal of honor
Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt was the 26Th president of the united states when the spanish american war broke out he volunteer to lead a regiment known as the rough riders he and and his men took place in the battle of San Juan hill in Cuba before his death he was nominated thew medal of honor and known as the only president with this honor
medal of honor
the medal o honor is the highest reward a veteran could earn through the acts the acts of honor courage valor and patriotism here are the four men and woman that earn this honor
Jacob parrot
Jacob parrot was the first recipient to earn the medal of honor he was once capture and severely beaten an attempt to make him talk he and others manage to escape but only he six others reach friendly lines he then met up with president Lincoln and was commission as a second and first lieutenant
i think that that that he show courage to volunteer in such event
honestly i didn't really know that he earn the medal of honor but he had honor for what he did
i thought that that Jacob shows patriotism for his country by not telling any information to the enemy and valor for escaping
Mary walker
Mary walker was a physician and women's activist she graduated and became a surgeont during the civil war she was ounce capture and awarded the medal of honor she then to lecture women's rights
i think that Mary is really inspirational person for being the only woman to get a medal of honor and be a surgeon so great patriotism for her country
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