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Bullied to Death

No description

Kristine Baugus

on 11 July 2016

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Transcript of Bullied to Death

Bullied to Death
Phoebe Prince
Hanged herself at 15...
Ashlynn Conner
10 years old...
Sheniz Erkan
Described as a bubbly
That day she was pounded with slurs and pelted with beverage containers as she walked home from school
On Thursday, Ashlynn pleaded with her mother to allow her to be home schooled ...
On Friday she was dead...
She hanged herself
A talented soccer star...
She was a victim of cyberbullying...
She took her own life...
Ryan Halligan
His father describes him as a sweet, gentle and lanky thirteen year old fumbling his way through early adolescence...
Ryan committed suicide
Some would call it...
His parents didn't know
he was being cyber bullied...
Until it was too late...
Asher Brown
13 years old
Only in 8th grade
He was severely
insulted by
his classmates
The next day
he shot himself
Justin Aaberg
He was a cellist
He was 15
He was gay
He was bullied
He hanged himself
His mother found his body
Carl Joseph Walker
A football player
A basketball player
A Boy Scout
A target for bullies
Mom called school weekly to report the bullying and they did nothing
Until after Carl hanged himself
He was 11
Megan Meier
She befriended a
boy on Myspace
They developed
a relationship
Megan was happy
And then the boy
dumped her
He said he heard she was cruel
The next day she killed herself
The boy was never real
"He" was the mother of a disgruntled friend
Jamey Rodemeyer
14 years old

A year ago, he came out as bisexual
These comments were found on his social media site:
"Jamey is stupid, gay, fat, and ugly. He must die!"

"I wouldn't care if you died. No one would. So just do it!"
So he did...
Desire' Dryer
She came from a loving family and nice home

She dated the varsity running back

She was a varsity cheerleader

She had a lot of friends
She was being bullied by a group of girls

When parents sought help, school said all was fine
She killed herself

Desire' was verbally bullied to death
Ty Smalley
Had been bullied for 2 years
11 years old
One day,
retaliated against his bullies
Ty was suspended
So he went home and killed himself
Jasmine McClain
Jasmine was ruthlessly picked on at school
The kids made fun of her shoes and clothes
They said they were out of style and dirty
Her mother found her hanged in her room
She took her last breath in her arms
She was only 10
Stephene Lozano
• Pediatric Neurosurgeon specializing in passive aggressive behavior
Julie Gerber
Acclaimed author of children’s books and mother of five children
What is Bullying
Why is it such an epidemic?
Trevor Chavarria
Former American Idol and now popular Child Psychologist practicing in Beverly Hills
Yvette Perez-Cordova
District Superintendant of Los Angeles Unified Schools
Author of the N.Y. Times bestseller: "Picky eaters? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!"
We leave you with this final video to encourage you to stop being a bystander and...
"Stand up to bullying?"
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