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Alicia's presentation

No description

Castroville PC Lab

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of Alicia's presentation

The people from Venezuela want the government to provide more groceries, stores, and save them from long lines. The government says that they have no solution for the weak economy.
Farmers living in Rome sold their land because there was no way to earn a living, but after they did they became beggars. There was few jobs due to free labor and without a job there is no money.
All this suggest that
All the same
The people worried about the people with no money or the poor, living in Favela do Metro, Brazil, because they were homeless and some had children. Those people want Brazil to be more than it is now. The people want a better future or their children.
The farmers and Brazil people, Venezuela's people have money but the problem is the economy. They claim that they wait hours in line to get into the stores to buy groceries. These people want their economy to improve.
If you compare a place with 2 others you will notice that each place may have similarities and differences in ways such as political, social, and economic problems. Just like Rome, Brazil, and Venezuela all have their complications including wealth, government, and their community.
Alicia's presentation
in Rome, the powerful and wealthy ignored the problems of the poor. Most people ignore them because they can't afford things that are needed.
to Rome, Venezuela's poor people don't have wealth because of the economy they're living in. The people want more than they get because the money is low.
Brazil's care for their poor is worse than ever because the houses they lived in were destroyed to build a new parking lot, and left them homeless. The parking lot was never built what so ever. It is like the people don't even notice the poor.
In Brazil, the people claim that city officials mistreated them and want them to stop. In other words both governments seem to care about themselves and not about their people.
In Rome the Senate wanted something. He wanted to keep his power and position so he used violence which broke the peace and stability of Rome. The Senate seems to care about what he has, but what about his people? It seems like they don't matter to him. Probably because they had little voice to do anything.
every place has their differences and similarities. Every place has problems whether you like it or not.
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