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Breakfast Health Campaign

No description

Amanda Matthews

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Breakfast Health Campaign

Breakfast Health Campaign Current Situation Analyze the Audience Goals and Objectives Channels of Communication Campaign Message Implementation & Evaluation REACH: All UB Campus Community's Spectrum Readers
SPECIFICITY: Dormer's with access to The Elli/Teddy's/Main Street Store
IMPACT: Call to Action! Who Are We Targeting? Dorming students:

Breakfast considered most important meal of the day
Many skip due to time constraints, money, diet
Schedules may vary from that of dining halls
Misconceptions vs. The Truth Breakfast takes a lot of time
Will the dining hall still be open?
Some believe skipping breakfast will help lose weight
Healthy cereals= unappealing, gross
Breakfast can have positive relationship with GPA, school work and concentration
Helps get folic acids, calcium and vitamin C
Dining halls have extended hours for those who have late classes
Lots of appetizing, healthy cereals available- cheap!
SPECIFICITY: Many freshmen, therefore many dormers
IMPACT: Incorporation of multiple senses enhances message Social Cognitive Theory “people make decisions by considering the interplay of internal and environmental factors (du Pre, 2010).” Internal Environmental Skills
Etc Social approval
The physical environment
Institutional Rules Internal Factors Skipping breakfast will help you lose weight
Skipping breakfast becomes habitual ;may not feel hungry in the mornings
Healthy cereal tastes gross External Factors College Lifestyle- Stay up late and wake up late means not leaving enough time in the morning to eat
Lack of monetary resources
Lack of food options, dissatisfaction
Lack of proximity to food service Spread awareness to students about the importance of eating breakfast in the morning
Informing that eating breakfast may have an effect on academic integrity
Give examples of different choices students have for breakfast
Informing students that even eating something unhealthy for breakfast is better than eating nothing
Overall goal: getting students to eat a nutritious breakfast if available or anything else before class
People who eat breakfast: Have increased cognitive function
Are less likely to partake in other unhealthy lifestyle choices:
Lower BMI
More effective weight loss plans
A healthier lifestyle
Although, breakfast eating may not be a causal factor in determining a healthy lifestyle, the two are correlated
Less likely to participate in a sedentary lifestyle, experiment with drugs/alcohol/cigarettes
Overall, more nutrient-dense diets
So Why Doesn’t Everyone
Eat Breakfast (college students)? Their parents did not
They cannot afford it
Are not hungry in the morning
Do not feel the direct effects
Do not have time; —too tired in the morning
What to eat? Important to eat something
- BUT, studies suggest that consuming cereal in the morning has more positive effects than non- cereal breakfasts
Many cereals fortified with dietary fiber, calcium iron, folic acid, vitamin C, and Zinc
Usually low calorie
Implementation Evaluation Spectrum Advertisement
Breakfast Hand-out Event
- Volunteers dressed up
- Dispersal of Information
- Samples Pre-test and Post-test comparison
Tracking coupons/card swipes in dining hall
Attendance at continued events
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