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An Introduction To The British Council

British Council Training Programme

Joe Bowker

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of An Introduction To The British Council

We have five offices
in the UK
This makes up our
UK Region
Welcome to British Council Customer Services
There are a further seven regions all around the world
European Union
Wider Europe
South Asia
East Asia
Sub Saharan Africa
Middle East North Africa (MENA)
We are represented in 110 countries and territories worldwide.
Founded in 1934 and incorporated by Royal Charter in 1940.
We build relationships with the UK’s traditional trading partners and historic friends such as the United states and the countries of the Commonwealth and Europe.
We are often one of the first organisations working in post-conflict situations, such as Iraq and Afghanistan.
We contribute to the UK’s aid effort, with projects in some of the world’s poorest countries.
Our income earning activities not only deliver cultural relations benefit, they also generate surpluses which we use to do even more cultural relations work.
Our work in the UK
We work in UK schools, colleges and universities and with the education departments of each UK country to raise the global awareness and ambitions of our young people
we are working with the UK government,visit Britain and UK trade and investment as part of the ‘GReAt Britain’ campaign to promote UK higher education and creativity in important international markets.
We bring people to the UK as paying customers as well as participants in our programmes.
We promote the UK overseas as an English language learning destination, supporting UK English language providers to recruit students.
We also help to attract international students to the UK contributing to the billions of pounds worth of export income that international student recruitment creates for the UK economy.
Our work around the world
Our US team played a key role in establishing a five-year partnership with Microsoft for joint projects in education, skills and English
English is our top priority in Latin America. Our English examinations business grew by 17 per cent in 2012.
In growing economies such as Nigeria we connected young people to the UK and helped them develop much-needed skills. Our ‘study in the UK’ Facebook page had a daily reach of over 10,000 last year and saw enquiries about UK education increase by 300 per cent.
This year we launched a programme sponsored by HsBC to encourage 25,000 children in 13 countries to improve their English and literacy through reading.
We grew our English and Examinations business, delivering a four per cent increase in class hours and a seven per cent increase in examinations income.
We work with six state governments in India to train around 2,000 teacher trainers. Tens of thousands of people in India and Sri Lanka downloaded our new mobile apps which support English learning and English as a skill for employability.
Despite the devastating floods in Thailand we opened a new partner teaching branch and launched a three-year science curriculum project with sheffield Hallam University, sponsored by energy company BG Group. This will support science learning in 2,250 schools and involve 22,500 teachers and over two million students in year one.
Our team in Russia worked hard this year to help rebuild trust between the UK and Russia through our arts programme. A total of 682,000 visitors saw exhibitions by William Blake and Henry Moore in Moscow and Antony Gormley in St Petersburg.
We administer various education-related programmes in the UK such as Comenius, Erasmus and Language Assistants...
In 2011 we unveiled a statue of Yuri Gagarin to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the First Manned Space Flight...
...the statue was unveiled outside our office in London.
Now we will give you an overview of a typical day here in BCCS.
BCCS is responsible for managing our US and Canada enquiries. We work closely with the teams in Washington and Toronto on a day-to-day basis.
In Brazil we are investing £500,000 to help students achieve the required level of English to study in UK universities.
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