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In this i define about My Self. "My hobbies,my activities,my work experience & many things related to my self"

Umaira Mehmood

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of ** MY PRESUME **

"About My $elf"
.- Name
.-Zodiac Sign UMAIRA MEHMOD October 9 Student Libra WORK EXPERIENCE As a invigilator
(From April-May) HOBBIES Driving Listing Music Studying Favorites My Color Food Place Activities . Shopping
.Chit chat with frendz
.Studying Education Matriculation
(KPS) Intermediate
(SSMGHC) Bachelor of commerce
(KGGC) First i want to do complete my MBA(HRM).After that i want to start my own business.I want to see myself like starts.I want to be independent.I want to do help poor people & want to make a place where they live.I want to be a successful girl. AIM THE END I am friendly' helpful' cooperative & careful.I like to know about fashion.I love shopping'studying.outing etc..I am straightforward girl.I want to be a successful girl.I love my family.I want to start my own business.I want to help poor people....
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