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Year 13 Medicine


Andrew Ellis

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Year 13 Medicine

Modern medical advances, ethics and morality Genetics A couple who want IVF treatment on the NHS. Ethics Science Embryo Screening Harvesting the eggs Fertilisation of egg Implications Hormones given so her ovaries mature many eggs
Eggs collected via a surgical procedure Option 1:

Sperm is injected into the egg Option 2:

Sperm mixed with eggs Each live IVF birth costs £25,000
27% success rate (live birth)
Increased chance of birth defects Excess embryos / eggs can be cryogenically stored Wrong embryos implanted due to mix ups
Preimplantation genetic diagnosis
Saviour siblings
Post menopausal women can successfully undergo IVF
Same sex couples
Use embryonic stem cells to treat human disease Religious objections Roman Catholic Church:
Opposes IVF as it does contraception (Infertility is a call from God to adopt)
Discarding of embryos Huntingtons chorea
Dominant allele disease
If one parent has it then there is a 50% chance of passing disease on
Symptoms appear aged 40+
No treatment
Causes paralysis and eventually death Tom and Paula Licky
Couple are deaf
Asked HFEA to be allowed to select an embryo which will be deaf Stem cells November 2012: remove stem cells that make sperm before chemotherapy

October 2012: Made egg cells and sperm cells from skin cells

October 2012: Nobel prize for Medicine 'changing adult cells into pluripotent stem cells
potentially cure any disease that caused by lack of a cell / damaged cells
e.g. Parkinson's, Type I diabetes, some forms of deafness / blindness, Paralysis...

September 2012: Scar-free healing
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